Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Viewing Group 13's Thriller Opening at the Cinema


Edited Image of Screen on the Green of Group 13's Thriller Film

On Tuesday 5 April, the whole media class in our school went to view each others Thriller Openings. We all went to the 'Screen on the Green' cinema. Our group was very excited because we were going to watch our Thriller on the big screen. 

As we were watching our Thriller film, we saw and heard the audience reaction. I heard the people gasping out of fright when they saw the ending scene when Ayub was at the back seat, grabbing hold of  a bewildered Julien and suffocating him. I also heard laughter during the scene when Ayub is at the computer and finally finds Julien's location to which Ayub says 'Yes'. This response of laughter in this scene wasn;t supposed to be humorous. But I talked to "Faysal", a member of the audience, a'd told him 'What was it about that particular scene with Ayub on the computer saying YES was so funny?' , he replied by saying that ' The only reason why I was laughing just like the rest of the audience was because his voice sounded very funny '. This was understandable because firstly, when we recorded that scene, we didn't use a microphone and he isn't a professional actor who doesn't know how to project his voice in a movie. What i saw during our movie was the reactions from the audience members. I saw people jump out of the seat when Ayub popped out behind the back seat and suffocating Julien. Our intention of the Thriller movie was to start the beginning scene as a typical normal day of the character that Julien played and to have the climax of Ayub during the ending of that scene.

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