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EVALUATION Q8) Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

Comparing our preliminary task to our final product I can see that there were a lot of mistakes and improvements we could have made to our preliminary and that we have learnt and rectified a lot of the problems we found in the prelim, in our final product.


 Final product - Deadfall


Preliminary - Double Dealing



Mise en scene

In our prelim looking at the mise en scene I can see some mistakes that we have learnt from and not repeated in our final thriller. For example the actual location of the prelim was in a pretty well lighted/ bright room and it didn’t really give of the sinister feeling we were hoping for, in our final product we tried to make sure that our location was suitable like during the computer scene with ayub we especially picked a dark room so that it would make him seem more like a villain and it represented his character better.


Also in the prelim there are posters on the wall when Julien is being tied up and although do not detract too much from the scene it wouldn’t have been too hard to remove these posters and replace them after, however at the time we didn’t notice it and as such from these mistakes we tried to pay more attention to the items in view during filming our final thriller, removing objects that could reduce the effectiveness of the mood we were trying to set.


Compared to the prelim our editing in the final product has improved greatly things like the match cuts which didn’t flow correctly together for example in the pictures below (0:28) we see the hand is resting on the counter and in the next clip we see the hand in the air. We have learnt from this and in our final we have made sure that we cut the clips so they exactly begin where the last clip ends. A good example of a match cut in our final is right near the beginning at 0:15 seconds we see Julien about to close the door and the next shot shows him closing the door fully from a different angle this match cut flowed a lot more nicely compared to the ones in our prelim.


Also the main piece of editing that we made sure we improved on in our final was tightening up our edits between clips. As you can see at 0:55 before ayub opens the door and at the start of the next clip there is a little pause that we could have cut out and because we didn’t that part looked unprofessional and did not flow well. From these mistakes we tried our best to make sure the clip transitions were smooth and that scenes began with the characters already in motion so this doesn’t make our video seem blocky.

The shot to the left is an example of one of the bad shots that we had in our prelim film. The first one shows a big unused space to the left with only a small part of the character in the shot and he is also partly blocking the view of the tap so his hands are hidden. We had quite a few shots like this one during our filming but after playing them back we were able to identify problems like this and knew not to use them.

The picture on the right is from our final thriller showing Julien doing something similar to the one in our prelim and is a much better shot since it takes up most of the screen and there is nothing blocking the audience’s view of what the character is doing.


Since we all did sound together as a group for both the prelim and final thriller, I think that it was pretty important on finding something that most of us agreed on, because there were some sounds which I may have liked but the other members of my group disliked and so we had to compensate for all our opinions. On the prelim we had less time to find something that went well nicely with our thriller so we could have probably found something better with time which we hopefully have with our final product. Another thing which I we improved upon in our final were the sound levels. In our prelim the sound effects we used just cut out instantly which did not run as smoothly as it did in our final, because in the final we used fade ins and fade outs which were easier on the ears and progressed well.

In both our prelim and final product I believe we target a similar audience that being males in the 20-30 year old range. I think that we have targeted these audiences through the use of violence and the crime elements which are more towards the male side of the genre ‘spectrum’.

The institution we worked with candi media studios and Four aces production. We were considering using the candi media studios indent but the problem with that is that our film was already too long and so if we added the indent, our thriller would have run over the time time limit that we had, so we couldn't use their indent

During our prelim I was unaware that there were any specific conventions that we had to follow such as the order of the title sequence which is why our titles were in no specific order, however after researching the titles from other films we found out that we did have to follow a convention and we can see this in our final product.

Throughout this whole experience we have learnt that communication between our group members is very important for things to be successful. We had to make sure on locations and times we were meeting up. Also during the filming we believed that it was a good thing for us to have disagreements on certain things so that as a group we could discuss it and find the best options available to us. We also mentioned possible ideas and possibilities throughout our filming process and I believe that this lead to a better product than it would of if we did not communicate well, as a group.

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