Sunday, 3 April 2011

EVALUATION Q4&5) What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/address your audience?

Below are two videos made by other students from 'Hurtwood house' private college. I enjoyed both of these thrillers and they have reached quite a high number of hits on YouTube. These films have become quite successful compared to the many other thriller openings on the 'hurtwood house' YouTube page.

Airborne - 1,135 views

Angeldust - 1,107 views

These thrillers were found on YouTube which is one of the largest video hosting websites on the Internet, making it great for sharing your work and trying to gain an audience. YouTube has been successful in the past at creating 'Internet celebrities' which shows that it's a smart idea to put there thrillers on YouTube for millions to see and so they can gain more publicity.

YouTube also has other features such as the comment section where people can offer constructive criticism and name things they particularly liked or disliked, this source of feedback could be very helpful for the individuals should they want to create something else or see where they went wrong, they can then improve on their product. There is also the 'Like' and 'Dislike' button which help the creators and audience see at a glance, whether their video is liked by the viewers or not, which would be quicker than going through all the comments.

This picture shows some of the comments left on the 'Airborne' video, mostly positive comments with a few bits of advice.

Another method the above thrillers may have used to gain some of their views would be facebook and twitter. Facebook (over 600 million members) and Twitter (over 200 million users) are the largest social networking sites available and is a great way of spreading a video around to other friends and family. If someone posted the link on facebook 'their' friends would be able to see it and if they enjoyed it they would then re-post it themselves for 'their' friends to see and so on. Similarly with twitter which has a re-tweet function allowing all of their followers to see whatever has been re-tweeted.

Twitter 2010 logo.svgFacebook.svg

If our group wanted to increase the number of views our thriller received we would upload it to YouTube, which without advertising may gain us a small amount of views. We could then share the links on facebook and twitter allowing hundreds of our friends to view the videos which could then be passed along by other people who enjoyed it. This would be good for us considering we have a small budget and this costs nothing and is a good form of distribution.

 We have also used blogger to upload our videos and this should be a good way of spreading our thriller. Since there are alot of other students on our blog im sure that some people have looked at our video since me and my group have checked out some of the other groups thrillers.

Vimeo is another video hosting site that my group has used to upload our thriller. The reason vimeo is less known than YouTube is because it is more professional with the footage being uploaded being user created content. While it may be more beneficial to upload to YouTube instead in terms of getting views, vimeo has the advantage of being a professional site meaning the people on there may be more knowledgeable on thriller and movie production so any feedback we receive there may hold more meaning and importance to us.

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