Saturday, 2 April 2011

EVALUATION Q3) Who are the audiences for your media product?

Based off of the feedback we received from our class and teacher we can tell that our thriller movie falls into the Action / Crime thriller categories and ages between 20 – 30 year olds. These categories usually have a male audience and therefore they are our target audience. The picture below that I have blogged about previously also shows that these genres cater towards a male audience.

If we were to create a imaginary person that would be part of our target audience, his lifestyle would be something like
“David 21 year’s old, works part time at GAME, studying to become a banker, Enjoys watching movies at the cinema and playing video games. Plays many sports with friends specifically football and loves the typical male movie genres (Action, crime and Sci-fi)”.

And if we were to imagine the kind of bag a person like this may have and what would be in it, it  would probably be like something below:
Nike bag

Iphone + Earphones

Wallet + Keys

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