Friday, 8 April 2011

Evaluation (8) Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

When comparing the preliminary to the final production i can notice major differences. In general they're positive changes in terms of improvements. I have learned the skills to complete the final production with rectifications.

Mise en scene

In our preliminary we focused on the mise on scene to create a believable location for the audience to view.So we decided to film it in the staff kitchen, as this would create a normal environment and would not be suspected as being a place of interrogation.

These are two shots we took that presented an error as the poster o the cupboard is not shown in the second shot of the film. The screen shot on the right shows this fault.

This was taken from our filming for the Deadfall. This was the bathroom scene which we decided to not include in the final cut piece as our teachers told us it was fuzzy and a bad shot. The location was in a shower and a good form of intertextuality however the steam created complications as the lens had condensed water on it at this was also a risk factor. 


The image on the left is the title sequence of the main character in the film and on the right is his name dissolving away due to the affects on the software handbrake. A technique which we where not able to add in our preliminary production as we had a minute amount of experience with using this programme

Below is a match cut which was taken i our final piece which i believe was a technique which we improved greatly due to the fact that we never established this in our previous preliminary production.

Below is the image of the lighting in the preliminary was altered when Ayub removed the tape from Juliens mouth. This was a mistake that occurred when we altered the lighting on the lens on the camera


This shot below is a shot taken from our final production. I like this wide shot a lot due to the fact that the character is centered almost accurately in the middle of the screen. This shot is one of my favourites in our thriller movie Deadfall.

The two shot below are a contrast to a good and bad shot taken in our final production and preliminary. The shot on top is from our preliminary and there is too much space on the left of the character where as in contrast to this on the bottom is a shot from our final production which shows a balanced shot.

We worked well in perfecting our shots so that there was an even amount of spacing from the characters and the  settings they where in.


This is the programme i used for sound to be present in our final production.

This is a screen shot of me producing a soundtrack on soundtrack pro.

i was experimenting with the sound affects which i could used in order to crete a suitable soundtrack for my final production. Unlike the preliminary our sound was varied and we did not just use the same beat throughout our whole piece. We tried using low tempo soundtracks when building up the suspense and high tempo sounds when we had to create the mood of danger in our piece. 

We also experimented with the range in volume and fade affects in our sounds so that the tempo our our sounds would be altered in our final production. This was not present in our preliminary as the sound did not fade our become loud then low or vis versa but just stopped when we wanted to add the natural sounds in our short movie.

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