Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation (7) What have you learned about twchnologies from the process of constructing this product?

I will now show visual illustrations of how i have developed my abilities of using technology in order to benefit my thriller movie and blogger account.

Below is a layout of the sections that i will cover in this video tutorial.

Blogger- Write posts, embed videos, upload images. Used is to store all our research for thrillers. We were able to change post's accordingly, track changes and keep in touch with our group members.

We used the JVC cameras to actually record our footage. They were professional cameras with high quality footage that enabled us to make our films look as nice as possible.

We used memmory storage devices, usbs, memmory cards and mac hardrives.

Final Cut Pro, Live type, Sound Track Pro, Quick Time, Handbreak were all used together in order to complete a really good film. 

Mac computers will be used in order to create any producction and use technological devices.

Below is a from of technology i used in the form of video recording. This was audience feedback i got from an audience after the show on Screen on the green theatre near essex road.

This video shows the processes which i took in order to publish specific files on the blogger site.I used the programme live type to record this process.

I am now going to display the programmes which i used during the process of producing our thriller film and completing assignment on the blogger site.

The convenience with the programmes such as soundtrack pro, handbrake and final cut pro is because they can work in conjunction with each other to create a media piece. I exported soundtracks into final cut pro and used this programme to display my images with the soundtrack. Handbrake was used to create my title sequences and this programme had various abilities such as, positioning text, font sizes, font colours, backgrounds and text effects. Once the title sequence was completed final cut pro was used to place my handbrake production to be embedded into my final piece.  Blogger worked well with uploading images or videos from my files, either from google, youtube, the desktop and the mac hardrive.

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