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Evaluation (4&5) What kind of media instituation might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/adress your audience.

Here are example of a successful movie production which were created Hurtwood House a founded private college. This movie received a high amount of viewings on Youtube and in addition to this i will describe why i believed it achieved this. I will then use the success of these two movies and describe how Deadfall our movie production could use the same route as these films to establish recognition from a wide worldwide audience.

                          Time Piece

1,347 views on Youtube.


903 views on Youtube.

'Time piece' and 'Succubus' thriller openings made by Hurtwood House used youtube as a tool to upload their movie and this was a way to gain the audiences attention and build recognition as a talented college. Youtube is a successful tool to use to distribute videos and gain recognition from the public viewers.Here are a few statistics that i gathered that reflect why Youtube is a good source to publicise movie productions.

Worldwide statistic on Youtube.

The statitsic show the huge amount of people who use the Youtube servicing worldwide, reflecting on the positive success that the site has established and how this success of using the site can benefit individuals who are trying to gain recognition for a video upload.

The feeback from audiences would be a good way for the production comapanies of any film instituation to recognise there strenghts and weaknesses due to public opinion as there audiences know what they'd like to view in a movie. It would let production companies know what to continue doing in order to promote successful distribuations and enjoyable viewing whilst brushing up on the elements that arent very strong and accurate.

Time Piece

On a whole the two videos gained positive feed back from the audience of the Youtube community. When analysing 'Time piece' i personally believe that the mise en scene is impressive as it is set in a warzone muddy ditch this can reflect on the theme of conflict. The unifroms they wear is trying to display the period in history where this event occured . I believe the clothing resembles ww1-2 unifroms. The sound effects are essential in creating the mood of conflict, war, danger and action. I feel that the explosions the gunshots and the soil flying around was well established and made the scene look believable in terms of a warzone. The ghostly windy soundtrack was good as it created a supernatural theme to the film. This occured when the main character looked at his watch and has a flashback to what seems to be a home with a suitcase type object on the floor shaking unconotrolably as if possesed. This added to the unknow mystery of the supernatural. Finally i believe the title of the film went well with the storyline, as a watch is used to symbolise time and flashbacks. Watch being a (Timepiece) and the period its set also reflects on the time period that the war began.

 Comments from Youtube viewers


When analysing 'Succubus' i liked the aspect of intertexuality from the film Psycho as the shower scene had certain shot which resembled the original adaptatiion of the film. The calm begining is challenged when there is the intoduction of the female character as the audience begin to question her appearance of the screen. She then smells the male characters clothes with affection without him being aware of his presence. She then goes toward the shower and the audience feel shes going to join him however there is an introduction of sound witch change there perceptions that she innocent. The sound is a low toned ochestra sound witha windy effect. She takes out a blade and the audience realise that the male character is in danger as he is then stabbed to death.

 Comments from Youtube viewers

In evaluation of Deadfall it was essential for my group to conduct well advertised and distributed moves to publicise our film productions and attract a wide target audience to view or film. Four Aces production is a low budget company and we needed to take this account to make the movie as successful and professional as possible to satisfy the viewers. Four Aces productions worked in assocation with Candi film Studios as this company represents for low budget college film productions. They provided us with the equipment we used in order to proceed in filmin our film. They also gave us examples of very creative pieces of films i additon to poor film production whiuch did not score well with wider audiences. As they are a small yet well eductated film institution they educated us in the way formulate our piece to become a success.

As our production is a student film my group chose to distribute and advertise our film we through well known social sites like facebook, youtube and vimeo. These sites would allow us to display our films to a wide range of individuals and target groups. For example millions of students use facebook on a daily bases and if the viewers enjoy the film they would then tag their peers and friends in the videos this would then be uploaded on the peoples walls and viewed by other friends related to the person tagged. This action would then create a cycle which would spread the film across many computer screen and is a form of no cost advertisement and distribution. The like button and comments would allow use to acknowledge the positive feeback as well as the negative which would aid us in becoming a better production company.

Like Button

Vimeo is a student site which advertises student productions on their site, this is from a range of schools across the country. Its a private site and it requires a password to view the content on it to protect it from any form of copy right. This could be a way we could get the younger student age groups from ages 16-21 to view our film as they would be the generation to give the most constructive crticism as there minds are full of creativity. succubus and Timepiece were also present on this student film site and this goes to show how to successful youtube thriller openings established there growth in viewing and sucees on the internet from starting from a small source then going to be uploaded on a larger more publicly used site youtube.

We also posted our video up on blogger before any of the other broadcasting sites stated above as this is the tool we used to describe the processes we took in order to plan, create, fil, complete, advertise, distribute and evaluate our work for free. All 180 media students along with an addition of approximately 10 teachers would be able to view all the students work and most importantly our group (group 13) movie production. Our film production would be able to be viewed on DVD as it will be released in this format to all  the media students in their groups. This video then can be viewed at home and copied on blank Cd's to be watched by other members of the family another small scall advertisement scheme however benificial in the whole as every view of the film can promote our films success and failures and make us better film producers.

Finally The BBC Film Network is a well known  site which works towards distributing film materal produced by young filmakers who have low amateur budget productions. This is a good oppurtnity for young film makers to gain the attention of the wide audience. The fact that the bbc is a well known label and site this is very useful tool and the film would gain an imaginable amount of views for the small production companies.

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