Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Who are the audiences for your media product? for Evaluation

Q3) EVALUATION: Who are the audiences for your media product

You can see from the 'Target Demographic' chart on which particular audience members would prefer to pay to watch our movie. Our movie is a Crime / Action Thriller movie, so you can see from the chart that MALES have a particular interest for this type of sub genre movie. As a result, we are aiming our Thriller opening film to the male audience because they are more likely to watch our movie. Here are some example of films that are targeted to the male audiences and as a result, made these films into huge successes.

Having said that, we were curious to know even from the evidence from the chart, if women were interested in Thriller Movies in particular, our movie. So during class, we wanted to see if any of the girls were interested in watching our movie, only one person put their hand up. This showed us instantly that the majority of girls in our class completely dismissed in watching our Crime / Action Thriller movie. But why? Its because they felt that in the opening scene, not one aspect appealed to them or interested them, they thought that this type of movie was to predictable - the kidnapping. 

Group 13's Thriller Movie is the sub genre of a Crime / Action Thriller. This is based on the fact that we use a lot of male clichés through the mise en sceneof the opening of the film. This was done by the use of male characters in the scene, they were wearing smart 'flashy' suits. They also portrayed the use of violence in the ending. Our Thriller audience is 20 to 30 year old males because from the research that I did, i saw that more males watch Crime / Action movies such as the film Die Hard, which has a male related audience. Here is a rough lifestyle summary of our target audience:

" Sean is 23 years old, he currently works in a sportswear shop but aspires to be a business man working in a bank. Besides going to work everyday, on his day off, he likes to chill out and relax with his friends by playing football and goes to the gym a lot to work on his strength. He loves going out and enjoying watching films in the cinema. He loves watching Crime thriller movies because he loves the action, violence and the beautiful damsel in distress. "
You can see that Sean is the typical target audience who particularly watches Crime / Action Thriller movies which is good because our Thriller movie is his type of movie on a relaxed, free day, hanging with his friends.

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