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What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/adress your audience?

Q4&5) EVALUATION: What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/address your audience?



' Angeldust '


Here are the opening thriller movies from Hurtwood House called ' Timepiece ' and ‘Angeldust‘. They have uploaded their opening movies onto ' Youtube '.  By uploading their movies onto Youtube, they have a great chance in having their movies being watched by members of the public because Youtube has a daily view base rating of 54% in the UK alone. This is the majority of people in the UK, who go on line to watch video clips on Youtube.

'Angeldust' comments from viewers of Youtube
This as a result allows people to watch movie clips, such as Timepiece and Angeldust and share their thoughts on the comment section on how good or bad the film is, these essential feedback allows the film makers to know who their audience are and why they like their film.

Also, it gives publicity for their films because once their movie has been watched by the members of public, they have the ability to tell other people about that particular film. Young filmmakers such as students like me, have a great opportunity to distribute their films through social networking sites such as 'Facebook', allowing their friends to watch it as well, whom  they will also share with their friends. The great thing about social networking sites such as 'Facebook'is that its completely free to watch and upload movies.

Youtube is an international website that can be viewed from the whole world. This is a great opportunity for our group to distribute it onto Youtube because we can get a whole range of different peole across the world watching our opening film. Hurtwood House's movies such as Timepeice and Angeldust found its way onto Youtube with 1,086 views for Angeldust and 1,335 views for Timepeice.

As a result of Hurtwood Houses's success on Youtube, their films are being viewed more and more, which then becomes a popular site which search engines like 'Google' recognises ,
making their films be recognised at the first page. This allows their film to be popular, by prioritising them at the very first page

Group 13 have followed in Hurtwood House's footsteps in having our film be recognised by the pubic. We have done this by having our movie being released over the Internet on 'Vimeo', then it might get embedded on someones' blog which may find its way into Youtube.

Our film had a very little budget by our Production Company called 'FourAces'. We as a group decided not to have 'Candi Media Production' as our financier because we felt that 'FourAces' was a much more of a contributor then 'Candi Media Production' even though they supplied us with the filming equipment. They wanted their production company to be recognised in the film but we were very adamant about not having their name being introduced in our film opening just like when I remember Director Jean Jacques Beineix, from the documentary 'Watchdog', said that he wanted his film opening to begin off slowly, and not the archetype of something too strong like an explosion. We felt that our film company is worth mentioning and not 'Candi Media Production'.

By having it uploaded in the Internet on the website called 'Vimeo', it allows us as a group to distribute our Thriller movie over this site. It is a Private website that acquires a password to enter, this allows our film to be sucure and not copied and eidted. Vimeo is a website that contains other peoples work from other schools, so they can watch our movies as well as we can watch thiers. Unlike Youtube that allows you to comment on the film that you just watched, Vimeo is a website that just allows you to views peoples from other schools work, its a reliable website thats guranteed with only students work. Also, we are have placed our Thriller opening movie onto our blog, giving it a chance to allow people to watch it from our blog as well as hopefully,it may find its way through Youtube just like 'Angledust' and 'Timepiece'.

We also will be having a shared screening of our film amongst other films created by our peers. Our film will have a DVD release of 200 copies which we will be having. I think i can take this step further by uploading it on 'BBC Film Network'. Where Group 13's film can be watched through their website. BBC Film Network is a great website for our film because its another distributor that can make our film be noticed by other people. 

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