Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Video Audience and Comment for Evaluation

Q6) EVALUATION: Audience Feedback and Comment 

During lesson, the whole class watched our Thriller Opening Movie. After watching our movie, they all commented on what went well with the movie, which part was effective, what we could have improved on and who our target audience was for our movie. One person said that:  
"the shots were very very good and effective because they thought very thoroughly in the impact they wanted on the audience whether it was to feel happy or scared, this was done by the sound of silence - especially during the ending. I also liked the editing because the matchcuts were very good in taking us from on place to another for example the point of veiw shot of the kidnapper. The mise en scene was used very effectively because the setting of the scene tells the audience so much about the character such as the all the mugs and cups scattered around the sink to show that he has a lot in his mind". 

This video shows the feedback we received from our teacher and class. The feedback is mainly positive and from the feedback we are able to determine our faults. From the class we were able to find out who our target audience are since only a few people in the class would go to see the movie in the cinema our target audience was not directed at at students or people our age. From the feedback we have decided that our thriller has a target audience of 20-30 year old males.

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