Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Title sequence Plan

(Here is our title sequence plan, where we decided what the credits would say, positions and any effects we would use in our opening.)

we decided it would be best to use a title sequence like the one in 'Stepfather', so we watched the opening and took notes of where the credits came up and positions on the screen.
So in our title sequence we are going to begin by mentioning the production companies - 'FourAces' and 'Candi Media', then the two main actors - Ayub and Julian, then we will have the title appear. After, the rest of the actors are named and lastly we will mention things like 'casting director', 'music producer' and 'editor'. we have chosen to use a basic font like 'calibri' and a simple white colour as if we used something fancy it might diminish the sinister value which we are aiming for.

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