Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Thoughts on Livetype and Titles

Today (22/03/11) me and Julien Began adding the credits and titles to our movie sequence.

As we had already planned out what would show up in our titles we had to decide on positioning and we experimented with various colours and fonts. To create our title sequence we used the program ‘Live Type’ which had a wide range of features to use, although we only knew how to use the basic features.

There were a large amount of fonts available to choose from so we did spend quite a bit of time finding one that may be suitable for our thriller and we wanted something simple and not too complicated or lively as it could detract from our video and look more like something from a child’s movie. We used some examples from the stepfather in the hopes that it could give us some inspiration and possibly replicate some of it ourselves in our thriller.

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