Thursday, 24 March 2011

Thoughts on creating sound

Today our group came together to create the soundtrack for our thriller. At first we decided to have music running throughout the film but due to time and the fast approaching deadline we decided to just have sound at specific events in our film.

We sampled a lot of the available beats, instrumentals and effects and decided to have something that sounds sinister like piano, violin and drums. We did find a good sounding violin clip but decided not to use it as most of the other groups had been using it and we wanted to be (more) original.

We also didn’t want to use anything to screechy and high pitch that would hurt our ears and wanted something smoother sounding. We ended up finishing our soundtrack, however we still have to add the sounds that we recorded during our filming like water running and the car door closing and also tighten up the syncing of our video and sound clips.

(A Picture showing some of the many available sound effects and clips)

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