Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The rough cut feedback

This is the rough cut feeback

We presented our teachers with the movie and once this was done were given some positive and constructive criticism into what was needed to improve sections of our thriller movie clip.

our Film was 5 minutes long and this was not appropriate for our final movie production as the limit of the length would be 2minutes by examiners. All the irrelevant scenes which would not be used in our movie would be cut out to reduce the length of the movie and scenes. More work would have to be installed into this to make it 2minutes long exactly. My teachers told me that editing would have to be altered in several areas to make the movie flow well, connet scenes well and instill a professional look to our movie.

Scenes which were not clear like the bathroom scene could be taking into consideration to be removed as the camera shots at times were poor and the camera screen became steamed making veiwing difficult.

some things were lacking in our rough cut and will be implamented in our final edited scene. Unfortunately the rough cut did not have any title sequences which had to be placed into parts of the film and this factor has to be infroced. In addition to this thriller sounds where not present in the rough cut but rather natural background sounds(birds twitting, traffic, tower block work and council locals) rather then produced sounds on a computer programme.

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