Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Rough Cut Feedback

Group 13's Final Rough Cut Thriller Openin Scene:

When we finished making our Rough Cut version of our Thriller Opening Movie, we showed it to our teacher, where we had to write down some notes from our teacher’s evaluation in making our Thriller Opening better. We have to use these comments in our Actual Thriller opening to make it bettter with her comments.
She first commented in making our scenes look ‘Tighter’ so we don’t waste any duration of footage that isn’t needed in our film like for example when Julien walks into the bathroom, there is excess time in the beginning of the scene which can be deleted to make that particular scene flow more smoothly without any awkward stillness form the scene. 

" These few seconds can make such a difference to your movie, making the scene changes look effortless " - quote from Teacher

Our teacher also commented on the bathroom scene, and how ‘Fuzzy’ it looked and how dull the lighting was compared with the other shots with Ayub in them. She said that we needed to make a choice on whether we should actually delete the whole bathroom scene because it just looked ineffective. You can see the colour distortion turning into yellow and the whole screen is cloudy.

Finally, what our teacher was really adamant about our Thriller opening was the duration of the opening scene because it lasted for a staggering 5 MINUTES which was unacceptable because it had to last at least 2 minutes and 20 seconds. This was a massive obstacle that our Group faced because most of the scenes are very important and it’s going to be hard trying to delete some of them. So in the end we made dramatic changes such as deleting the whole of the Bathroom scene because of the cloudiness and the discolouration. Our tecaher also said that we as a group must come together and decided which scenes we have to cut because we have to hit that 2 minute boundary. We made lots of choices on which scenes we must cut and we also shortened some of the scene such as the glove scene where Ayub puts them on the left hand then a jump cuts occures where he puts it in his right hand.

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