Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Rough Cut Feedback

After showing our teachers our rough cut, we recieved alot of feedback on how to improve our video clip.
The first thing we make sure we have to do is to reduce our film by about 3 minutes, since our rough cut lasted 5 minutes and the maximum length is 2 minutes there are a lot of clips that we have to cut out or at least reduce in  length, cutting out any unnecessary bits. 

The second thing we were told to do was to 'tighten' our edits to make them flow smoother, because in some cases the clip would start with the character being still, so we have to cut those parts out so that as the clip starts the characters are already in motion.

There were a few other things we were told to sort out such as putting a 'Fade in' at the start of our opening so the opening doesnt just pop in, we also had to think about where we would place our credits,titles and start coming up with a soundtrack

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