Thursday, 31 March 2011

Evaluation Question (1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and convetions of real media products?

The title sequence of The Stepfather


Above you can see the title sequence in The Stepfather and those are the nine shots which show credits on the screen and below Deadfall showing the same nine title sequences shots with credits.

Title Sequence of our thriller Deadfall

Our title sequence was inspired mainly from the thriller The Stepfather, we believed that the normality of the scene created a build to the suspence especially when the music in the scene changed from a mellow tone to a deep slow ochestra beat. I think this created the impression to the audience that something was wrong until we finnally realised what happened in the scene.

In our film we replicated some elements from The Stepfarther for example the scene begins as being a standard normal day, a daily routine fro the Julien the main character. He goes in and gets something to drink in the kitchen dressed smart and neatly in a suit, parrrellal to The Stepfather when the main character comes in the kitchen to get breakfast dressed in neat attire. Then we see the normality alter and increased supence becomes evident when the audience see a child lying on a dinner table in the kitchen and the angle of the camera tilts to create an akward feel. In addition to this the music changes and has a low spiral effect when it lowers in pitch which aids the shot in making it thrilling. The audience soon see additional bodies and realsie that the people are dead from the positionings of their bodies in the scene and finally the evidence of the weaponary used on then is shown in the sink.

Our film had elements of this type of techniques when their was match cuts in the scenes between ayub and him this showed two different characteristic in the individuals as on was busy whilst the other laid back. The audience finally notices something is wrong. This is when there is continous cross cuts from Julien to Ayub and adrresses are being typed into Ayubs computer screen then finally the face of Julien is on the screen of Ayubs computer. Once this occurs the music has a deep drumb effect which causes a thumping sound. Ayub then says the words "yes" to show he has accomplished his task and the audience then realise something is awkward and Julien could be in possible danger.

There is a shot in the 9 title sequences of The Stepfather that shows a resembling scene in our thriller film where the main character enters his car and adjusts his rear view mirror before switching on his engine and embarking on his journey.

At the end of the scene we see the character Ayub outside a council estate and with gloves and dark shades on then the focus goes to the main character Julien who takes a briefcase and walks out his car to his sounds. All sound effects are cut and natural sound becomes present when he enters the vehicle, after doing so he meets his fate and we see Ayub in the back seats of the car. He then covers covers Julien with a white clothe and suffocates him then the screen becomes dark and the film ends. The begining builds up the ending in our thriller film and i believe that this is also present in The Stepfarther opening and it helped us very much in creating a suspenceful build up.

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