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In What Ways Does Your Media Product use, Develop or Challenge Forms and Conventions of Real Media Products for Evaluation?

Q1) Evaluation: In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products

Heres are some of the Titles that come up in an opening or ending of a Movie
 Title Sequence 1: Catch me if you can 
Catch Me If You Can contact sheet

GROUP 13's Title Sequence: DEADFALL 

Here are the opening titles from ' Catch Me If You Can ' and our opening movie ' DEADFALL ' . Our opening Title sequence uses the same convention as Catch Me If You Can because from the research that I did on film Titles, i saw that in the very beginning, the film company that helped to create this movie always starts at the very beginning, just like our movie. Then secondly, our movie title sequence appears with the main character of then movie coming second: Juilen Winkel, and with Catch Me If You Can is: Tom Hanks. We decided to have the same convention because many other films not just Catch Me If You Can, follows this convention. We knew this effect will work in our movie because the titles come up when they correspond to the specific shot for example when we Julien in he screen, his name comes up.

Title Sequence 2: Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands contact sheet

GROUP 13's Title Sequence: DEADFALL

With the title sequence from Edward Scissorhands, we did not follow the convention, instead we challenged it because with the sequence from Edward Scissorhands, the start off the movie with the whole of the casts list who was in the movie, then they finish off the sequence with the film title. The reason why we did this was because firstly, the names of the characters doesn't correspond with the pictures in the background so we as audience don't know how they look in the movie. Secondly, our film already starts off with the titles appearing whereas Edward Scissorhands doesn't.

Title Sequence 3: Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump contact sheet

GROUP 13's Title Sequence: DEADFALL 

Here we see again the convention of the duration of he title sequence. We see that the film company starts off in the beginning then comes the main characters then the then film name. However, in Forrest Gump, the actors name doesn't correspond to the background picture but in our movie it does. The reason why we did this was because we wanted the names to correspond to the actors who are I'm character. In Forrest Gump, the beginning scene starts off with an establishing shot just like our movie. The intention was that we wanted to build up the setting so we can smoothly go to the main character just like in Forest Gump.

Title Sequence 4: Reservoir Dogs

GROUP 13's Title Sequence: DEADFALL 

We did not follow the convention from the title sequence of Reservoir Dogs because they challenge the idea of keeping the film company at the beginning. What we did keep the same just like in Reservoir Dogs is that when the actors name comes up in screen, it corresponds to the picture of that character in the background. Both of these movie openings to the same thing because it looks more stylish and more sophisticated towards the audience. Reservoir Dog's use of the colour yellow opposes the convention of white because the colour itself creates the atmosphere that these characters don't follow the crowd, they don't follow the rules. This is one effect that i think we should have done because in Reservoir Dogs, they are all gangsters and in our movie, our bad characters is also a gangster.

Title Sequence 5: Raging Bull

GROUP 13's Title Sequence: DEADFALL 

Here is the movie Raging Bull. We didn't follow this convention from Raging Bull because again, the names that appear of the actors doesn't correspond with the characters in the background. However, I still find that the Raging Bull title sequence is still effective if it doesn't follow the convention because the background with Robert de Niro's character warming up in the boxing ring builds up his character showing that he is the main character and that e is highly important in the film. We on he other hand, don't just focus on one character in the beginning of the move because we wanted to build both of the characters to create tension and suspense, because it is a Thriller opening.

Title Sequence 6: The Untouchables

GROUP 13's Title Sequence: DEADFALL 

We followed the archetype convention of the film opening of The Untouchables because we used the same technique as this film but our one differs from The Untouchables because there title sequence has no actors n the background only there titles, but our one does. However, The Untouchables sequence is still effective because there background music is very effective in conveying what type of film this is going to be, foreshadowing what this film is all about. I think this technique is very good and our group should have used this type of music with the pianos and the string instruments because we could have conveyed to our audience of how our movie would turn out. The music is also effective because it builds up tension.

Title Sequence 7: Seven

GROUP 13's Title Sequence: DEADFALL 

Our movie title sequence completely challenges the title sequence of the film SE7EN because that film opening depended heavily on the mise en sene to create tension and suspense to he audience. This inspired s in some way because we wanted our mise en scene to be as effective as possible, to make it look realistic. They also made sure that the titles reflected the atmosphere of the beginning scene of the movie, reinforcing that suspense look. We were inspired to do this because we felt that it would create some kind of visual response to the audience for them seeing our titles disappearing in a fade, correspond to how Juilien will disappear in the hands of Ayub.

Title Sequence 8: To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird contact sheet

GROUP 13's Title Sequence: DEADFALL 

Again with the film To Kill a Mockingbird, they had the film title right at the beginning because I think that he film name itself is very effective in capturing the audiences expectation by the word 'kill'. I think this is a very good idea but I knew that from my research that I did on film titles, most of the films follow the convention of film company name first then main characters then film title. This is what we did. I like how To kill a mockingbird used effective mise en scene just like SE7EN in building up atmosphere which leads to tension and suspense.

Title Sequence 9: The Stepfather

GROUP 13's Title Sequence: DEADFALL 

The title sequence of The Stepfather was our main inspiration because from our research we liked how the opening of The Stepfather built up tension with the normal looking titles. This created a false plataue to the audience making them first feel safe but then hooking them in, creating that suspense. In our movie, the beginning starts of as a normal day, with Julien drinking water where in The Stepfather, he is eating toast, just like in everyday life. But then in The Stepfather, we see the dead bodies lying around which finalises that tension that was build up n the beginning. We used this technique but our one was finalised in the car scene, where Juilein looked through he mirror just like in The Stepfather but when he looks at the back of the car, he sees Ayub who suffocates him. The whole scene in our movie was to build up to that particular scene.

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