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Evaluation Question (2) How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Our media production I believe showed contrasting social classes and this is represented in some of our scenes in thriller film Deadfall. Social groupings in films try to display the reality of life and try to create the theme of good and bad for the audience. This factor makes the audience chose a side to support however social groupings in films can be potrayed through a stereotypical point of view to create entertaining commercial viewing and an emotional reaction from the viewers. in contrast to this shome films and programmes can challenge the strereotypical perception of characters as they may show a direct opposite of how society sees them, example a hoodied teenager on a council flat teaching his peers not to be involed in vandalisim. something such as this would challenge societies views on hoodied teenagers as most see them as nuisances and criminals.

Deadfall has two main characters who represent two diffferent social groupings in the form of an established businessman and a gangster. They have similarities in the attire they wear this could convay their wealth and positions in the communities that they are from. Juliens character would be percieved as the good guy in the thriller and Ayub as the villian as he has a hitman objective in Deadfall. Julien is the character who is under danger and is not aware of this this until faced with his face in the car scene. The audience would stereotype Ayub as being the villian through the way the mise en scene is set and how he is displayed in darkness and shadows most of the time. Julien is dressed in bright colours mainly his pink shirt whilst ayub in dark grey suit and black tinted shades that hide his eyes a form of hiden identity is created from this prop.

A business man would be dressed in smart suit attire and normaly carry a briefcase to carry his important documents, his dressing would normally produce he impression that he is well educated from the way he conducts his appearance. We used this form of stereotpye and applied it on juliens character in similarity with the main character in Enemy Of The State (Will Smith) they both wear clothing that would be seen on a person with a highly educational job. Examples of this is shown below with the characters in both the films.

Julien In Deadfall

Will Smith In Enemy Of The State

Ayub represented the gangster character who would be classed in a negative grouping, we used some elements of the character of Mr pink from Reservoir Dogs to be replecated onto Ayubs character. The way he dresses, walks and the positioning on the camera screen. Along with similarities there were also some interpretations which were altered in Deadfall.

Ayub is centered on the middle of the screen in a middle close up shot this was used to personify his importance, dominace, power and presance in the film. As you can see both the characters have a focus point  that they look which isnt the camera. This shows they are focused on a particular person or objective and as a villianous character this factor can instill fear and curiosity in the minds of the viewers, reason being we chose to replicate this shot.

The differences in representation in Deadfall would be how the ethnic minorities are convayed toward the audience. In Resivior Dogs they use a caucasian character to play the dominating, powerful and important individual whereas in Deadfall we chose to challenge this approach and use a black man (Ayub) to play a character that is stylish, wealthy and powerful yet sinister. Normaly programmes would only display a certain ethnnic minority as being threatening, violent, criminals and uneductated so we chose to take a different route and show Julien and Ayub as being classy individuals who are grouped in a positive and negative grouping.

Car scenes are usually used to create tension in a thriller film, this works well when the audience can see danger in the backseats of the car whilst the character in the movie is oblivious to the danger. Due to our groups interpretation of intertexuality we used some shots from films and programmes such as Ashes To Ashes and Collateral.

We tried to enforce the shots that were in Ashes To Ashes in Deadfall and this shot taken by ahmed is my favourite shot of the car seen as we managed to get the right angle of a shot to avoid showing the camera in the mirror and replicating Ashes To Ashes shot very well. This is shown below:

Ashes To Ashes And Deadfall Rear Mirror scene

Four Resemblance Shots

You can see we took elements from both Ashes To Ashes and Collateral in Deadfall the fourth square on the close left. Julien is not aware of the danger behind him and the audience know that when he entering the vehicle he is under threat from some possible harm. In Collateral the driver is a black man who is in danger from the white man, this could be their attempt to challenge the stereotype that all black characters are criminals and threatening to societies or in contrast to this show that the white man posses dominace over a lower class ethnic minority. In Deadfall we used two characters from the same race to display the negative and positive aspects of their ethnic minority. I believe we challenged the stereotype of how race is depicted in established shows, programmes and films and brought a different side of point of view fro the viewer to be subjected to or relate to even.

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