Wednesday, 30 March 2011

How does your media product represent particular social groups? This is for Evaluation

Q2) EVALUATION: How does your media product represent particular social groups

Different types of people from different types of social background is key to any films or programmes because they can represent the stereotypical character in everyday life or they can challenge it. Here we see that in the BBC's programme of ' Ashes to Ashes', the car scene inspired us because we saw that the character state of mind was very vulnerable in the car. The fact that they used a woman to play the key role not only showed to me that she played a police officer, but usually in films or programmes they are represented as dumb, silly and beautiful. But what the do keep is that there the people who are the most vulnerable. So with this in mind, we decided to challenge this view by having a male character in the car in a vulnerable position. We also wanted this character to be of a different minority because we wanted to show that not all black male characters are portrayed as evil.

Here we have another representation that we have interpreted differently. The scene from 'Resevoir Dogs' where the character Mr Pink is walking in a middle close up shot, just having him fill the camera shot shows his dominance and how powerful he is by having him fill the whole screen up. So we decided that Ayub would do the same thing because we wanted to convey also that dominance and how powerful he is. Both characters are looking away from the camera indicating that hey have something in their mind that needs to be dealt with - just like gangsters. The representation of ethnic minority played a huge part in this scene because in Reservoir Dogs, the white male character is shown as more domineering and powerful, he looks also stylish and someone who comes from wealth, we wanted to challenge this by having a black person being domineering and powerful, his suit makes him look wealthy and stylish - the opposite of what we see black minorities in film and programmes today because they usually play the drugged up, adolescent teenager who always wears a hoodie.

I noticed that many programmes such as 'Ashes to Ashes' and films like 'Collateral' use cars as a place where tension is built. Having said this, the car scene from Collateral has the bad character entering without force in the back of the car, to represent power because they don't have to ride the car, they are being chauffeured. But in the car scene from Ashes to Ashes, we have the character in the back of the car without the driver knowing, this builds up tension because e just appears in the car. Both scenes have a white male character in the back to show that they have more power and control. Both are white minorities playing criminals and killer. However, in our movie, we have the criminal being played by a black minority, challenging the convention from Collateral and Ashes to Ashes of the white minority being the evil character. In both Collateral and our movie DEADFALL, they all use a black minority driving the car because the drivers are in danger. Th fact that in Collateral, there is a black driver highlights implicitly that the white person always has the power over the black person in movie and programmes just like slavery.

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