Thursday, 24 March 2011

Fonts that could be implemented in Our Title sequence

This is the poster for the film Enemy Of The State i think that the font is very impressive as its looks formal and sharp. This film is a politicla thriller aand the mise on scene is slightly identical to our own film Deadfall so i think that we must use text such as this to give of a bold, eye catching, formal and important feel to our story line as the title sequence plays and credits show.

Enemy Of The State

Another example would be from the politiclal thriller movie Fair Game. I think the black background is used to contrast with the red bold font as the text i shown to be distinctive and important. The text is that of old typers or computers, this can link with the fact it is a political genre as well as a thriller as politicla films are mainley formal or have lawyers and journalists. This factor can be be used in our title sequences or the title of our short film.

Fair Game

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