Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Finishing off Editing


Here is Ahmed and Ayub coming to workshop to ensure that the editing of the Thriller opening movie is finished. We made sure that all the shots fluently fit together with no awkward shots. However, this did happen but we made sure to fix it by deleting the unnecessary footage. 

Today Group 13 finsihed off editing the Thriller opening scene. This was very difficult because the exam sylibus says that the opening scene has to last no longer then 2 minutes but our opening scene lasted approximately 5 minutes. So we had to make some serious harsh editing which was difficult ecause we loved every scene we did.  We made sure that our teacher saw each of the edited scene to see if she had any comments that can ve vital fr our movies like for example whether swicthing a particluar scene becasue it might demonstrate a new meaning to the scene. We used lots of dissolve cuts during the establishing scene so it flows fluently like how a real, big blockbuster, thriller movie does.

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