Thursday, 31 March 2011

EVALUATION Q2) how does your media product represent particular social groups?

Our thriller opening shows two characters that both represent different social groups.
We have Julian who looks and seems like a business man and we have ayub who represents a gangster, hitman kind of character; someone not to be messed with and could be related to something like a villain. Characters in all movies can either follow the stereotype of a particular social group or challenge how they are represented. We represented our two social groups in an orthodox manner and followed how a stereotypical character would/should look, depending on their social group.

The typical representation of a business man is someone dressed and looking smart e.g. suit, tie and briefcase. For Julian we followed this stereotype and had him wearing smart clothes (tie, shoes and suit trousers/shirt) he also had a briefcase which made him look even more like a business man.
In our movie I see some resemblance between Julian and will smith in ‘Enemy of the state’ when it comes to social groups. Both look like normal men dressed smartly and although we never tried to replicate ‘Enemy of the state’ I did think that both our character and their character represent the same or a similar social group related to the idea of ‘Businessman’.

For our villain represented by Ayub, we have a social group of a gangster or hitman type character so he’s dressed up in a smart suit and has a sense of power throughout our thriller, the camera shots have a lot of close ups and shows that he is a ‘Boss’ and dangerous character. In our thriller Ayub resembles villains from the movie ‘Reservoir dogs’, these ‘gangsters’ all have the smart mafia style appearance in suits wearing glasses and move with style. We wanted ayub to represent the typical old-school gangster instead of how a gangster may be represented today, like a youth or young adult in a hoody or tracksuit.

There was also a part in our thriller where we tried to replicate a camera shot from ‘Reservoir dogs’ where the man ‘Mr. pink’ is walking looking away from the camera and he takes up most of the space on camera which makes him seem more sinister and dangerous. We have a similar close up showing Ayub looking away and it makes him look more powerful and important.

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