Tuesday, 29 March 2011

EVALUATION Q1) In What ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Our thriller opening like other movies has an establishing shot. In a previous blog i talked about the 'watching' documentary on film openings. here a critic named Stanley Kauffmann talked about what his idea of a classic opening consisted of and a quote from my previous blog 

"opens with an establishing shot, for example there would be high angle shot on a building, the camera would then move to a window, through the window to an office where the main character is"

our thriller opening follows this idea of a classic opening since we open with an establishing shot and then followed up by a shot closer and closer to the house to identify where the exact location begins, followed by this we see the main characters face appear. Since this is such a classic and commonly used opening our thriller is pretty conventional.

(Here are some screenshots of our title sequence)
(image created by Mohammed Ali Ahmed)

(Here are some screenshots of titles from the movie 'The stepfather')

Above are two screenshots showing various titles from both our movie and the stepfather. 'The Stepfather' was our main inspiration throughout the thriller for both camera angles and title sequences. 
In our thriller we tried to replicate 'The stepfather' and as such our title sequence starts of with the production companies being mentioned. we were planning to having the title after the production companies but we were told that usually the two main actors are usually mentioned first and then the title so this is what we did. Towards the end we also mentioned things like music producer, produced by and directed by, in a similar order to how they show up in 'The Stepfather'. We decided to use a white font instead of black as in some scenes the black text was hard to read and it wouldn't make sense to have half the writing in black and the other half in white.

We also used quite a bit of intertextuality in our thriller more specifically in the car scene, were we tried to use some clips and shots from 'Ashes to Ashes' and 'The stepfather'. one of the most important shots of ours showing julians face in the cars rear view mirror. Both ashes to ashes and the stepfather have this shot as you can see in the last picture above.

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