Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Evaluation of preliminary movie

A while ago our group had to create a preliminary movie as a practice before we started our final one. I was partly absent during part of our preliminary task, however I think the overall movie went really well and provided us with experience and an insight of how our final project would be carried out. I think the movie had quite a few good bits and looked quite professional. We had a good amount of match cuts which generally flowed nicely.

The audiences think everything is normal during the beginning as it just showed a man washing his hands and then we see the body tied to the chair and this false-plateau was a good way of shocking and surprising the audience.

One part showed Ahmed washing his hands and the camera was at a low angle and I thought this was a great shot as it showed that the character was slightly dark/evil and it gives the audience an uneasy feel.

There was also an extreme close up of Julien’s face and I thought this was a great way of conveying to the audience Julien’s surprise and shock at the situation he was in. It also makes the audience feel uncomfortable and is suspenseful as it isn’t too predictable.

We could have improved on flow of a few of our clips such as the one of Ahmed drying his hands and the jump straight after. We should have made sure that our clips ended and started at similar times during the filming and in the final movie it looked un-professional and amateur.

We could have also improved on things such as setting, finding somewhere more suitable for our film with more space and that would allow us to film different and better shots and angles. Lighting could also have been improved as it was generally pretty dull and changed in brightness throughout some of our clips.

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