Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Evaluation of the Preliminary Movie

This is the evalution of group 13's Preliminary Movie.

I believe that the preliminary Movie was a success, offcourse it was not perfect but i think that there were positives in the story line which would be impresive to the audience. The match cuts in the film linked smoothly as the movie played.

They're a range of camera shots in the movie which are different that are used to express spcefic moods in the storyline. There is a low angle shot of Ahmed whilst he is washing his hands in the kitchen sink and then whipping them with a towel this angel is suppose to create a sinister theme to the scene, this is then established when we find julien tied up on the chair. The angle creates a sense of uneasiness and puts the viewer in the position of the camera which is set at at awkward angle, this is one of my favourite shots in the movie.

Theres an extreme close up of juliens eyes and i think this insinuates that the character is in a inconvenient situation and this will make viewing for the audience uneasy as they have to pay attention to his eyes which can bring out a persons emotions. As show below:

What i personly think could be done to improve the film would be to slow down the match cut which occurs after Ahmed finishes drying his hands off due to the fact in the video this is rushed and looks unappealing to the eye and like amateur filming rather than proffesional.


we can improve on various things when filming such as lighting in the scenes and try to keep the lighting constant when we film, below are photos of the scenes which have constructing lighting which differ from the rest of the movie. When Ayub takes of the tape of my mouth.


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