Wednesday, 23 March 2011

CompletingTitle sequence

Harold and Julien were given the job to finish off completing the Title Sequence for our Thriller Opening Movie. They experimented with a range of different types of Fonts and Effects that corresponds to out thriller opening. They saw that effects such as the ‘Fire’ effect didn’t really look appealing to our thriller opening and just made it look unprofessional. They experimented with the fonts such as ‘Arial‘, ‘Times Newman’ and even ‘Courier New’. We as a group wanted to bring a normal yet a ‘Thrillerish’ look like the film ‘The Stepfather’. We watched the opening of this film to see the Font style.

Ahmed really liked the font used in the opening sequence to the film 'The Untouchabes' because it conveys a very sharp and bold look to te film making anb audience member such as Ahmed feel that this film has a lot to offer just from the effective Title Sequence

The Shining contact sheet
Harold really liked the Title Sequence from the movie 'The Shinning' because he felt that it was so simple yet by the soundtrack, it made it scary. The simplicity of the Fonts used inspired him by not needeing to over due it with effects.

Fight Club contact sheet
Ayub liked the Title Sequence from the movie 'Fight Club' because the whole title sequence played on the backdrop of a chain of DNA immediately creating the feel to the film, his first thought was that the film might have something to do with drugs

Julien really liked the Title Sequence to the movie 'Taxi Driver' because the title depended on effects such as the glow effect, this effect creates the main character persona as someone who is odd and different.

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