Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Completion of Title Sequence

Today (23/03/11) Me and Julien came into  workshop to finish off creating our title sequence, since we only had one hour we rushed a little bit, but we done the best we could in the time given and finished with something that looked good and professional.

We played around with various effects and fonts as we had a wide variety to look at. In the end we settled on ‘Cabrini’ which looked good and simple which is what we wanted, although there may have been better fonts to choose from because of the time we couldn’t check every single font.

We also decided to use the ‘fade in’ and ‘Float away’ effects originally we wanted to use a fade out but after looking over the other effects available we decided that the float away effect was better suited to our thriller.

Now that we have completed the title sequence all that remains is to add the sound.

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