Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Ahmed's Thoughts about Editing our Thriller opening

In today’s lesson, we focused on finishing our editing for our Thriller Opening scene. From what we had done with our Rough Cut, we saw that we had approximately 5 minute worth of footage. But we knew this was unacceptable because the exam syllabus states that the Thriller opening scene must not be longer then 2 minutes but we were allowed to add 20 seconds to the opening scene, which equates to 2 minute and 20 seconds. So we had to do some serious editing and try to achieve this limit. What I found difficult at this stage in the process was that we had valuable scenes that we all loved as a group but we had to cut them down or not use them because they lasted too long and some of them were not the necessary to the movie because they didn’t create a big impact. The way we overcame this situation was by agreeing as a group whether we thought it would make a difference, sometimes it did and sometimes it didn’t so we went to he final vote from the teacher. What I enjoyed at this part of the process was that we were able to make all the scenes flow together creating that sense of Thriller atmosphere like with the sinister match-cuts of the suffocation.

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