Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Changes made In Light of feedback from Roughcut

After finishing our Rough Cut version of our Thriller Opening Movie, we showed it to our teacher, where we had to write down some notes from our teacher’s evaluation in making our Thriller Opening more interesting and appealing to our audience. We made significant changes after both our teachers Rebecca and Mary had a look at it.  

Rebecca firstly suggested that we should make the shots from one another ‘Tighter’ so we do not squander any duration of footage that isn’t needed in our film. For example when Julian walks into the bathroom, there is excess time in the beginning of the shot which can be deleted. This ultimately made this particular scene flow more fluently

" These few seconds can make such a difference to your movie, making the scene changes look effortless " - quote from Teacher
Both of my teachers, Mary and Rebecca commented on the fact that the bathroom scene was really “Fuzzy” as well as “not in focus”, I believe that made it look dull and, you can see the colour distortion turning into yellow and the whole screen is cloudy. The fluctuating lighting from shot to shot made it even easier for us to make the choice between this scene and the cigarette scene with Ayub which in comparison was weighed out. This was because of the non-fluctuating lighting and really effective shots consisting of a tracking shot, match cut and many other shots which ran fluently from shot to shot.

Both teacher also spotted that we had massive trash bins in the background as mise-en-scene in the cigarette scene which contradicts the character of Ayub, as he is meant to portray an image which implicates thug life. Therefore we took out the long shots of me, Ayub putting on the gloves and sunglasses; we did this because they included the trash bins, which are not ideal for the mise-en-scene.

Lastly our teachers were really inflexible about our Thriller opening was the duration of the opening scene because it lasted for a staggering 5minutes which was unacceptable, as we were only allowed a maximum of 2.20minutues. This was a massive obstacle that our Group faced because most of the scenes are very important and it’s going to be hard trying to delete some of them. However in the end we made dramatic changes such as deleting the whole of the Bathroom scene because of the cloudiness and the fluctuating lighting. It was an intense lesson, lots of choices on which scenes we must cut and also shorten some of the scenes such as, the glove scene where Ayub puts them on the left hand subsequently a jump cuts occurs where he puts it in his right hand, rather they a shot devoted to Ayub taking out the right hand glove.

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