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4&5) Evaluation: what kind of media institution might describe your media product and why? How will you attract/adress for your audience?

Within this question we have to think about how we would advertise and distribute our film, and how we would attract a big target audience. Ways we could attract an audience could be through advertising. However we have to take into account that we are only given a helping hand by Candi studios which are a low budget company which have good equipment and facilities but not the best. Four4 aces productions are also a low budget production company so we have to find means of advertising that are not mainstream ideas due to the high costs involved. This would primarily be the internet. The internet is used to advertise most.  Sites such as:
  • YouTube – set up own page where people can watch videos and give feedback
  • Twitter – can post up links to their videos
  • Facebook – people can post their videos etc
  • MySpace – people can add videos onto their page
These sites above can be used to show adverts to create,
  • Fan pages – this can be used to build a fan base; as more people like the page fan base will increase. Consequently when anyone looks at the page, it may draw their attention and perhaps encourage them to watch the video.
  • Share videos
  • Mini trailers – a summary of the film
Lastly we could also use shared screenings:
·         DVD releases of the film
·         Candi website advertisements
·         Blogs
·         Pops ups
·         Independent film festivals
·         Adverts on student union websites
·         Ads in local newspapers
·         Posters and flyers across the country.  

All of these forms of advertisement involve low costs and would be appropriate for a low budget company like mine.

In order to distribute and get through to the wider public and hopefully even attract a well known company, good forms of marketing is essential.  Competitions could also be entered to boost the possibility of the film being picked up by a higher budget distribution company. This would increase the possibility of a higher viewed cinematic release. Film festivals such as the ‘3 minute wonder’ could be used to also distribute a film to a big audience and could have the opportunity to be recognised and perhaps even win a prize

Looking from a low budget production companies point of view there are various websites which would be appropriate due to there low costs. These include YouTube, Vimeo and the BBC Film Network, also allowing a low budget production company like mine to build a target audience/fan base.

BBC Film Network

BBC film network (BFN) showcases young filmmakers and provides then with opportunities, as their films will be seen by many other production companies and film makers. These have a niche audience which covers a small section of the market and has distinctive specialised requirements which are amateur films and films that have a low budget for distribution costs. The BFN therefore provides them with an opportunity to reach to their wider audience, preferably their target audience.

Below is an amateur film from the BFN which also had a low budget of only £400.

I believe this can potentially attract an audience that enjoys the kind of psychological thriller that involves a story behind the antagonist and protagonist.  Again as the particular part of the website is dedicated to showcases films the audience will therefore be a niche one. The implications of this are that only Semi professional independent film makers or an audience to the BFN. Ultimately I believe this film was aimed at a both genders aged 18 and above, my opinion on the age is based on the fact that the film includes many horrific and scary scenes.


Vimeo Is a video sharing network and differs from YouTube because of the layout. This may be because of the niche audience for Vimeo, which may therefore change the audience.  This film from Vimeo called ‘Broken’ By Andrew Gleason.

‘The genre of the short film ‘Broken’ I would guess that is a horror thriller. The film was produced by Andrew Gleason, which also produced the film disposable, which has attracted a big audience. In addition has won a horror film festival best overall award. As the film ‘broken’ is of the horror genre, I believe this film is aimed at both genders above the age of 15, my opinion of the age certification is based on the idea that the film contains many horrific scenes.

The internet (Vimeo) has been used to launch this movie to a wider audience. My Film was also being made by a low budget production company has also used the Vimeo, an internet website in the anticipation that it will be hopefully recognised and perhaps nominated for an independent film festival.


YouTube is the most popular video sharing site. It reaches a wide audience. A YouTube page also enables the user to receive feedback and also give feedback to most other things on YouTube. YouTube is not aimed at only a small section of the market with specialized requirements, because the videos can appeal to anyone. There are music, comedy, TV shows and much more on YouTube in order to keep the widespread audience.

The film ‘Driver’ has attracted a local audience of perhaps just their school, family and friends, in addition to perhaps a few people out of school, I am given this impression because the film only has 156 views. However since the film was only released onto YouTube on the 18th March 2011, it is bound to get more hits and even potentially be nominated for film festival.

My own film 'Deafall' and how it could attract my audience and distribute my film

I have looked at how the internet has been used to launch a variety of films to the wider audience and I will now discuss how my own production company can do this.
4Four Aces production is a low budget company and therefore we have to find means of advertising that are not mainstream ideas due to the high costs involved. We have already distributed own film onto Vimeo, however there is a niche audience for Vimeo and it requires a username and password to enter, this restricts our ability to reach to the wider audience which cannot access the website. ‘Deadfall’ will also get a cinematic screening on the 5th of April at 12.45pm at the ‘Screen on the green’ based in
Essex Road
. It will have an audience of the media students and teacher in city and Islington Sixth Form College and maybe also the workers in the cinema. ‘Deadfall’ will also get a DVD release of 200 copies. In addition I could post my film onto YouTube to distribute and market my film, and it could potentially reach a global audience.

Lastly I could enter my film in for a film festival such as the ‘3 minute wonder’ which could be used to also distribute a film to a big audience and could have the opportunity to be recognised and perhaps even win a prize. The prize will depend on the length of the film. For a film that has duration of 3 minutes, a prize of £250 could be won, on the other if the film lasts from 5 to 20mins then a £500 could be won. This film festival could appeal to a small independent, low budget production company like four4 aces production; this is because there is no entry fee.

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