Thursday, 31 March 2011

Evaluation Question (3) Who would be the audience for your media product?

Our groups film Deadfall falls into the sub genre of Crime/Action thriller as it has elements which cover both these groups and are embedded into one. There are criminal scenes in the film when Julien's location is being researched on the computer by Ayub who plays a hitman character. The suspense that is made by Ayub who is stalking Julien until the climatic end is the form of action which we created in our film. We tried to establish our film as being a Crime/Action thriller so as a result of this my group used male characters in our short movie to fit in with a target audience.

Target Demographic

The image to the left shows the genres of films that normally target viewer in terms of sex.  As you can see crime and action are genres which are going toward the male sex on the right of the image above. Our thriller audience would be in the range of 20 to 30 years old males this is due to factual statistic from cinema screenings data and surveys taken online. I'm now going to give an example of a lifestyle summary of two individuals who watched our thriller. one is a direct target audience however the other one represents a wider.

"Sarah is a 17 year old media student who attends city and islington college, she has an enthusiastic character, is hard working and talkative. She has a part time job in river island and aspires to become a retail store manager when she finished of her A level studies" She is a fond fan of thriller movies but especially Crime/Action sub genre and her favourite thriller film is hitman shown below:

Hitman Crime/Action Thriller

Sarah is a female meaning that she isn’t our particular main target audience and age her group is below the range we set for our viewers however she still takes an interest in Crime/ Action thrillers and is apart of the wider audience. This means she would still be appreciated as a film viewer of our groups production Deadfall.


 "John is 27 and works at an office that is focused on news paper production, he has a busy schedule as his job requires him to partake in tedious and highly compact routine. He is very educated and a funny individual in addition to this he is partaking in a course which would let him elevate himself into a higher post in the news agency business. In his free time he has movie nights at his home where his friends come over, order food and have booze whilst watching a collection of thriller sub genre movies. His favourite sub genre is Crime/Action thrillers. Reason being he finds the frightful reactions his female friends show towards this genre of film amusing."

Examples would be when there is violence in scenes and an individual becomes injured or when a car chase is being displayed on the screen and a vehicle or building becomes damaged. The action and suspense creates emotions in John which builds up his adrenaline and he likes the this filming he gets when viewing this type of film.

Below is a montage of images that depict the contents that would be found in Sarah's handbag and Johns briefcase.



                                                     Bag Being The Source


This is the items which would be found in Jones briefcase our male target audiences.
Briefcase Being The Source



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