Thursday, 31 March 2011

3) Evaluation: Who would be the audience for your media product?

Group 13's Thriller Movie is the sub genre of a Crime / Action Thriller. This is mainly based on the storyline of our film, it involves a lot of action for example the scene were the villain (Ayub) suffocates the victim (Julian). This therefore would also fit well into the sub genre of crime as trespasses into someone’s car and then suffocating them is a crime which is obviously against the law.

Montage of images which portrays a variety of things in general which are can be related with our  target audience.

Due to our film genre bring a Crime/Action thriller and also containing scenes of violence we have decided to aim it at a males aged 20-30. Through my personal research I believe that more males rather than females would find our film much more appealing to them.

clearly shows that males find crime/action films more appealing than women.
Here is a lifestyle summary of a member from our wider target audience:

You can see that Anita is the typical target audience who particularly enjoys watching a Crime / Action Thriller movie with her friends. However she is female showing that she isn’t our main target audience but certainly fits into the target age, and this makes her apart of our wider audience. Anita also mentioned that she has grown up with “three brothers and no sisters” and therefore she may have developed an interest in this particular genre through the influence of her primary socialization. 

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