Thursday, 31 March 2011

Evaluation Question (3) Who would be the audience for your media product?

Our groups film Deadfall falls into the sub genre of Crime/Action thriller as it has elements which cover both these groups and are embedded into one. There are criminal scenes in the film when Julien's location is being researched on the computer by Ayub who plays a hitman character. The suspense that is made by Ayub who is stalking Julien until the climatic end is the form of action which we created in our film. We tried to establish our film as being a Crime/Action thriller so as a result of this my group used male characters in our short movie to fit in with a target audience.

Target Demographic

The image to the left shows the genres of films that normally target viewer in terms of sex.  As you can see crime and action are genres which are going toward the male sex on the right of the image above. Our thriller audience would be in the range of 20 to 30 years old males this is due to factual statistic from cinema screenings data and surveys taken online. I'm now going to give an example of a lifestyle summary of two individuals who watched our thriller. one is a direct target audience however the other one represents a wider.

"Sarah is a 17 year old media student who attends city and islington college, she has an enthusiastic character, is hard working and talkative. She has a part time job in river island and aspires to become a retail store manager when she finished of her A level studies" She is a fond fan of thriller movies but especially Crime/Action sub genre and her favourite thriller film is hitman shown below:

Hitman Crime/Action Thriller

Sarah is a female meaning that she isn’t our particular main target audience and age her group is below the range we set for our viewers however she still takes an interest in Crime/ Action thrillers and is apart of the wider audience. This means she would still be appreciated as a film viewer of our groups production Deadfall.


 "John is 27 and works at an office that is focused on news paper production, he has a busy schedule as his job requires him to partake in tedious and highly compact routine. He is very educated and a funny individual in addition to this he is partaking in a course which would let him elevate himself into a higher post in the news agency business. In his free time he has movie nights at his home where his friends come over, order food and have booze whilst watching a collection of thriller sub genre movies. His favourite sub genre is Crime/Action thrillers. Reason being he finds the frightful reactions his female friends show towards this genre of film amusing."

Examples would be when there is violence in scenes and an individual becomes injured or when a car chase is being displayed on the screen and a vehicle or building becomes damaged. The action and suspense creates emotions in John which builds up his adrenaline and he likes the this filming he gets when viewing this type of film.

Below is a montage of images that depict the contents that would be found in Sarah's handbag and Johns briefcase.



                                                     Bag Being The Source


This is the items which would be found in Jones briefcase our male target audiences.
Briefcase Being The Source



Evaluation Question (2) How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Our media production I believe showed contrasting social classes and this is represented in some of our scenes in thriller film Deadfall. Social groupings in films try to display the reality of life and try to create the theme of good and bad for the audience. This factor makes the audience chose a side to support however social groupings in films can be potrayed through a stereotypical point of view to create entertaining commercial viewing and an emotional reaction from the viewers. in contrast to this shome films and programmes can challenge the strereotypical perception of characters as they may show a direct opposite of how society sees them, example a hoodied teenager on a council flat teaching his peers not to be involed in vandalisim. something such as this would challenge societies views on hoodied teenagers as most see them as nuisances and criminals.

Deadfall has two main characters who represent two diffferent social groupings in the form of an established businessman and a gangster. They have similarities in the attire they wear this could convay their wealth and positions in the communities that they are from. Juliens character would be percieved as the good guy in the thriller and Ayub as the villian as he has a hitman objective in Deadfall. Julien is the character who is under danger and is not aware of this this until faced with his face in the car scene. The audience would stereotype Ayub as being the villian through the way the mise en scene is set and how he is displayed in darkness and shadows most of the time. Julien is dressed in bright colours mainly his pink shirt whilst ayub in dark grey suit and black tinted shades that hide his eyes a form of hiden identity is created from this prop.

A business man would be dressed in smart suit attire and normaly carry a briefcase to carry his important documents, his dressing would normally produce he impression that he is well educated from the way he conducts his appearance. We used this form of stereotpye and applied it on juliens character in similarity with the main character in Enemy Of The State (Will Smith) they both wear clothing that would be seen on a person with a highly educational job. Examples of this is shown below with the characters in both the films.

Julien In Deadfall

Will Smith In Enemy Of The State

Ayub represented the gangster character who would be classed in a negative grouping, we used some elements of the character of Mr pink from Reservoir Dogs to be replecated onto Ayubs character. The way he dresses, walks and the positioning on the camera screen. Along with similarities there were also some interpretations which were altered in Deadfall.

Ayub is centered on the middle of the screen in a middle close up shot this was used to personify his importance, dominace, power and presance in the film. As you can see both the characters have a focus point  that they look which isnt the camera. This shows they are focused on a particular person or objective and as a villianous character this factor can instill fear and curiosity in the minds of the viewers, reason being we chose to replicate this shot.

The differences in representation in Deadfall would be how the ethnic minorities are convayed toward the audience. In Resivior Dogs they use a caucasian character to play the dominating, powerful and important individual whereas in Deadfall we chose to challenge this approach and use a black man (Ayub) to play a character that is stylish, wealthy and powerful yet sinister. Normaly programmes would only display a certain ethnnic minority as being threatening, violent, criminals and uneductated so we chose to take a different route and show Julien and Ayub as being classy individuals who are grouped in a positive and negative grouping.

Car scenes are usually used to create tension in a thriller film, this works well when the audience can see danger in the backseats of the car whilst the character in the movie is oblivious to the danger. Due to our groups interpretation of intertexuality we used some shots from films and programmes such as Ashes To Ashes and Collateral.

We tried to enforce the shots that were in Ashes To Ashes in Deadfall and this shot taken by ahmed is my favourite shot of the car seen as we managed to get the right angle of a shot to avoid showing the camera in the mirror and replicating Ashes To Ashes shot very well. This is shown below:

Ashes To Ashes And Deadfall Rear Mirror scene

Four Resemblance Shots

You can see we took elements from both Ashes To Ashes and Collateral in Deadfall the fourth square on the close left. Julien is not aware of the danger behind him and the audience know that when he entering the vehicle he is under threat from some possible harm. In Collateral the driver is a black man who is in danger from the white man, this could be their attempt to challenge the stereotype that all black characters are criminals and threatening to societies or in contrast to this show that the white man posses dominace over a lower class ethnic minority. In Deadfall we used two characters from the same race to display the negative and positive aspects of their ethnic minority. I believe we challenged the stereotype of how race is depicted in established shows, programmes and films and brought a different side of point of view fro the viewer to be subjected to or relate to even.

Evaluation Question (1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and convetions of real media products?

The title sequence of The Stepfather


Above you can see the title sequence in The Stepfather and those are the nine shots which show credits on the screen and below Deadfall showing the same nine title sequences shots with credits.

Title Sequence of our thriller Deadfall

Our title sequence was inspired mainly from the thriller The Stepfather, we believed that the normality of the scene created a build to the suspence especially when the music in the scene changed from a mellow tone to a deep slow ochestra beat. I think this created the impression to the audience that something was wrong until we finnally realised what happened in the scene.

In our film we replicated some elements from The Stepfarther for example the scene begins as being a standard normal day, a daily routine fro the Julien the main character. He goes in and gets something to drink in the kitchen dressed smart and neatly in a suit, parrrellal to The Stepfather when the main character comes in the kitchen to get breakfast dressed in neat attire. Then we see the normality alter and increased supence becomes evident when the audience see a child lying on a dinner table in the kitchen and the angle of the camera tilts to create an akward feel. In addition to this the music changes and has a low spiral effect when it lowers in pitch which aids the shot in making it thrilling. The audience soon see additional bodies and realsie that the people are dead from the positionings of their bodies in the scene and finally the evidence of the weaponary used on then is shown in the sink.

Our film had elements of this type of techniques when their was match cuts in the scenes between ayub and him this showed two different characteristic in the individuals as on was busy whilst the other laid back. The audience finally notices something is wrong. This is when there is continous cross cuts from Julien to Ayub and adrresses are being typed into Ayubs computer screen then finally the face of Julien is on the screen of Ayubs computer. Once this occurs the music has a deep drumb effect which causes a thumping sound. Ayub then says the words "yes" to show he has accomplished his task and the audience then realise something is awkward and Julien could be in possible danger.

There is a shot in the 9 title sequences of The Stepfather that shows a resembling scene in our thriller film where the main character enters his car and adjusts his rear view mirror before switching on his engine and embarking on his journey.

At the end of the scene we see the character Ayub outside a council estate and with gloves and dark shades on then the focus goes to the main character Julien who takes a briefcase and walks out his car to his sounds. All sound effects are cut and natural sound becomes present when he enters the vehicle, after doing so he meets his fate and we see Ayub in the back seats of the car. He then covers covers Julien with a white clothe and suffocates him then the screen becomes dark and the film ends. The begining builds up the ending in our thriller film and i believe that this is also present in The Stepfarther opening and it helped us very much in creating a suspenceful build up.

8) Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

Looking back at my preliminary I believe I have learned at learnt since then up until the production of my final film, ‘Deadfall’. I will look at how I have improved my capability in the production of my short film, in the sense that my camera work and editing has shown a rise in quality.

Analysis 1

Firstly I want to point out that from shot 1 to shot 2, we intended to use continuity editing, however as you can see from the two shots this is known as a jump cut, which is considered as bad editing. Rather what we should have done was continued the shot from shot 1 to shot 2, this could have been done through continuity editing or a match cut, meaning the same a continued sequence however in shot two the camera could perhaps be at a slightly different angle


Looking at the shots from my final film in comparison with the ones from my preliminary in the sense of the editing used between the two shots I believe my editing has significantly improved. This is because during this time I have learned that when going from one shot to another, it is best to use continuity editing or a match cut (shots above show a match cut) rather than using a jump cut.

Analysis 2

The from the prelim show the tracking shot of Ayub as he is beating up Julian, the duration between each shot is 1 second. On the Other hand the shots from the final film show a panning shot of Julian walking from his room into the kitchen-sink, the duration is between each shot is also 1 second. The tracking and panning shots both lasted four five seconds.

The shots from the preliminary when played as a video show a wobbly tracking shot; however this could have been improved if the tracking shot was fluently moving around Ayub and Julian. This could have been achieved through the use of a tripod on wheels moving around the two characters, as the tripod prevents the camera from wobbling.

The shots from ‘Deadfall’ when played as a video show a panning shot, which is not wobbly. Looking at the shots from my final film in comparison with the ones from my preliminary in the sense of the way it was shot, I believe my group’s camerawork has significantly improved. This is because during this time I and my group have realised that using a tripod when tracking/panning will prevent the camera from wobbling.

Analysis 3

As you can see the framing of this shot from the preliminary isn’t very effective, therefore an empty space on the right hand side of the radiator, which holds no significance in the film ‘Double Dealing’. Therefore it is not needed in the shot. This framing of this shot could have been improved if the two characters were in the middle of the shot rather then to the left hand side.

On the other hand the framing from ‘Deadfall’ is very good as the space has been effectively used. The character is in the centre of the shot, which is where they should be. Looking at the shots from my final film in comparison with the ones from my preliminary in the sense of the framing, we have developed an idea of whereabouts the characters should be within the screen, and therefore learning how to frame each shot.

7) Evaluation: What have you learned about technologies from the process of constructing this product

4&5) Evaluation: what kind of media institution might describe your media product and why? How will you attract/adress for your audience?

Within this question we have to think about how we would advertise and distribute our film, and how we would attract a big target audience. Ways we could attract an audience could be through advertising. However we have to take into account that we are only given a helping hand by Candi studios which are a low budget company which have good equipment and facilities but not the best. Four4 aces productions are also a low budget production company so we have to find means of advertising that are not mainstream ideas due to the high costs involved. This would primarily be the internet. The internet is used to advertise most.  Sites such as:
  • YouTube – set up own page where people can watch videos and give feedback
  • Twitter – can post up links to their videos
  • Facebook – people can post their videos etc
  • MySpace – people can add videos onto their page
These sites above can be used to show adverts to create,
  • Fan pages – this can be used to build a fan base; as more people like the page fan base will increase. Consequently when anyone looks at the page, it may draw their attention and perhaps encourage them to watch the video.
  • Share videos
  • Mini trailers – a summary of the film
Lastly we could also use shared screenings:
·         DVD releases of the film
·         Candi website advertisements
·         Blogs
·         Pops ups
·         Independent film festivals
·         Adverts on student union websites
·         Ads in local newspapers
·         Posters and flyers across the country.  

All of these forms of advertisement involve low costs and would be appropriate for a low budget company like mine.

In order to distribute and get through to the wider public and hopefully even attract a well known company, good forms of marketing is essential.  Competitions could also be entered to boost the possibility of the film being picked up by a higher budget distribution company. This would increase the possibility of a higher viewed cinematic release. Film festivals such as the ‘3 minute wonder’ could be used to also distribute a film to a big audience and could have the opportunity to be recognised and perhaps even win a prize

Looking from a low budget production companies point of view there are various websites which would be appropriate due to there low costs. These include YouTube, Vimeo and the BBC Film Network, also allowing a low budget production company like mine to build a target audience/fan base.

BBC Film Network

BBC film network (BFN) showcases young filmmakers and provides then with opportunities, as their films will be seen by many other production companies and film makers. These have a niche audience which covers a small section of the market and has distinctive specialised requirements which are amateur films and films that have a low budget for distribution costs. The BFN therefore provides them with an opportunity to reach to their wider audience, preferably their target audience.

Below is an amateur film from the BFN which also had a low budget of only £400.

I believe this can potentially attract an audience that enjoys the kind of psychological thriller that involves a story behind the antagonist and protagonist.  Again as the particular part of the website is dedicated to showcases films the audience will therefore be a niche one. The implications of this are that only Semi professional independent film makers or an audience to the BFN. Ultimately I believe this film was aimed at a both genders aged 18 and above, my opinion on the age is based on the fact that the film includes many horrific and scary scenes.


Vimeo Is a video sharing network and differs from YouTube because of the layout. This may be because of the niche audience for Vimeo, which may therefore change the audience.  This film from Vimeo called ‘Broken’ By Andrew Gleason.

‘The genre of the short film ‘Broken’ I would guess that is a horror thriller. The film was produced by Andrew Gleason, which also produced the film disposable, which has attracted a big audience. In addition has won a horror film festival best overall award. As the film ‘broken’ is of the horror genre, I believe this film is aimed at both genders above the age of 15, my opinion of the age certification is based on the idea that the film contains many horrific scenes.

The internet (Vimeo) has been used to launch this movie to a wider audience. My Film was also being made by a low budget production company has also used the Vimeo, an internet website in the anticipation that it will be hopefully recognised and perhaps nominated for an independent film festival.


YouTube is the most popular video sharing site. It reaches a wide audience. A YouTube page also enables the user to receive feedback and also give feedback to most other things on YouTube. YouTube is not aimed at only a small section of the market with specialized requirements, because the videos can appeal to anyone. There are music, comedy, TV shows and much more on YouTube in order to keep the widespread audience.

The film ‘Driver’ has attracted a local audience of perhaps just their school, family and friends, in addition to perhaps a few people out of school, I am given this impression because the film only has 156 views. However since the film was only released onto YouTube on the 18th March 2011, it is bound to get more hits and even potentially be nominated for film festival.

My own film 'Deafall' and how it could attract my audience and distribute my film

I have looked at how the internet has been used to launch a variety of films to the wider audience and I will now discuss how my own production company can do this.
4Four Aces production is a low budget company and therefore we have to find means of advertising that are not mainstream ideas due to the high costs involved. We have already distributed own film onto Vimeo, however there is a niche audience for Vimeo and it requires a username and password to enter, this restricts our ability to reach to the wider audience which cannot access the website. ‘Deadfall’ will also get a cinematic screening on the 5th of April at 12.45pm at the ‘Screen on the green’ based in
Essex Road
. It will have an audience of the media students and teacher in city and Islington Sixth Form College and maybe also the workers in the cinema. ‘Deadfall’ will also get a DVD release of 200 copies. In addition I could post my film onto YouTube to distribute and market my film, and it could potentially reach a global audience.

Lastly I could enter my film in for a film festival such as the ‘3 minute wonder’ which could be used to also distribute a film to a big audience and could have the opportunity to be recognised and perhaps even win a prize. The prize will depend on the length of the film. For a film that has duration of 3 minutes, a prize of £250 could be won, on the other if the film lasts from 5 to 20mins then a £500 could be won. This film festival could appeal to a small independent, low budget production company like four4 aces production; this is because there is no entry fee.

3) Evaluation: Who would be the audience for your media product?

Group 13's Thriller Movie is the sub genre of a Crime / Action Thriller. This is mainly based on the storyline of our film, it involves a lot of action for example the scene were the villain (Ayub) suffocates the victim (Julian). This therefore would also fit well into the sub genre of crime as trespasses into someone’s car and then suffocating them is a crime which is obviously against the law.

Montage of images which portrays a variety of things in general which are can be related with our  target audience.

Due to our film genre bring a Crime/Action thriller and also containing scenes of violence we have decided to aim it at a males aged 20-30. Through my personal research I believe that more males rather than females would find our film much more appealing to them.

clearly shows that males find crime/action films more appealing than women.
Here is a lifestyle summary of a member from our wider target audience:

You can see that Anita is the typical target audience who particularly enjoys watching a Crime / Action Thriller movie with her friends. However she is female showing that she isn’t our main target audience but certainly fits into the target age, and this makes her apart of our wider audience. Anita also mentioned that she has grown up with “three brothers and no sisters” and therefore she may have developed an interest in this particular genre through the influence of her primary socialization. 

2) Evaluation: How does your media product represent particular social groups.

I believe that different personalities of different types of  people from different types of social background is key to any films or programmes because they can portray the stereotypical character in everyday life or they can challenge it.

We have used Intertextuality in the car scene inspired by the programme ‘Ashes to Ashes’ as you can see above. The car scene in ‘Ashes to Ashes’ shows women in the car and the conventional film would represent a good looking girl as dumb and vulnerable and therefore already building suspense for the audience in their thought that she may be a victim to crime. With this in mind, we decided to challenge this view by having a male character in car as a false plateau. This is a false plateau as the audience are given a false sense of security by having men in the driver’s seat rather than a woman which is most likely vulnerable. Simultaneously we also used a black man in the car to go against the stereotype that all black males are villains

As you can see above we have used some intertextuality from the film 'Reservoir Dogs'. This is an example of another representation that I have interpreted, it includes many similarities and differences.


The scene from  where the character Mr Pink is walking in the middle of the camera shows his significance.  Both characters are looking away from the camera indicating that they are contemplating something which is in need to be dealt with, implying to the audience that they may be criminals/gangsters. So we decided that myself, Ayub would do the same thing because we wanted to convey his dominance and how powerful he is.


The representation of ethnic minority held a big significance to this particular scene because in, the white male character is shown as more domineering and powerful, he looks also stylish and someone who comes from wealth, we wanted to challenge this by having a black person being domineering and powerful and also as fashionable as the character in Reservoir Dogs, wearing a suit showing he is also him wealthy and has a good sense of style. I believe this is the opposite of what the majority of the UK population see in black minorities in films and programmes today because they usually play a role of a teenager wearing a hooded jumper and is involved in drug dealing.

As you can see above our film ‘Deadfall’ has used Intertextuality from the film ‘Collateral’. Alongside with 'Collateral', ‘Ashes to Ashes’ also use the car setting as a location where tension is built.

Both scenes have a white male character in the back playing the criminal and killers, to show they have power and control. However, in our movie, we have the criminal being played by a black minority, challenging the convention from Collateral and Ashes to Ashes white minority being the villain.

The car scene from Collateral has the white man which is the villain and he has black chauffeured. The fact that in Collateral, there is a black driver highlights implicitly that the white person always has the power over the black person in the movie and can be linked to the times of black slavery. This idea has inspired my group to use the same connotations that the ‘collateral’ sends to the audience, so we also used a black minority driving the car to show that this character (Julian) is in danger. I also believe that this particular scene from our film opening is suspenseful for the audience as they may already begin to believe that the black man may be killed, by linking it to past experiences.

1) Evaluation: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Quite a while back now I watch a documentary called ‘Watching’ which talks about the conventional thrillers and also the strengths and weaknesses of each. A critic named Stanley Kauffmann was giving his ideas on what makes a classic opening and he believes that “the classic opening to a film is first the Establishing Shot of the city like New York, followed by the tilting shot of the Building from bottom to top, and then through the window to the reception to the main office where the story begins.”

Our thriller opening and the one described by Stanley Kauffmann share same similarities and also differ from one and another in the sense that our one included more still shots rather than a ‘tilting shot’ going from ‘bottom to top’. They are mainly similar as they both begin with an establishing shot going closer and closer to the house, where the story begins.

Below you can see the title sequence in 'The Stepfather' and those are the nine shots which show credits and above is the title sequence from the Deadfall showing the nine shots which show the credits.

My group and I watched many thriller openings and I noticed the fact that title sequence going in a particular order firstly begging with the production company, two main actors, the film title, two other actors, casting director, music producer, Editor and lastly the producer. This is the structure in which I and my group also implemented and was also very similar to the one in ‘The stepfather’. However the stepfather uses a black font, which we were also going to use, but the colour black faded in to the opening of our thriller and therefore was invisible. Consequently we decided to go with the colour white which was clearer and visible.

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/adress your audience?

Q4&5) EVALUATION: What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/address your audience?



' Angeldust '


Here are the opening thriller movies from Hurtwood House called ' Timepiece ' and ‘Angeldust‘. They have uploaded their opening movies onto ' Youtube '.  By uploading their movies onto Youtube, they have a great chance in having their movies being watched by members of the public because Youtube has a daily view base rating of 54% in the UK alone. This is the majority of people in the UK, who go on line to watch video clips on Youtube.

'Angeldust' comments from viewers of Youtube
This as a result allows people to watch movie clips, such as Timepiece and Angeldust and share their thoughts on the comment section on how good or bad the film is, these essential feedback allows the film makers to know who their audience are and why they like their film.

Also, it gives publicity for their films because once their movie has been watched by the members of public, they have the ability to tell other people about that particular film. Young filmmakers such as students like me, have a great opportunity to distribute their films through social networking sites such as 'Facebook', allowing their friends to watch it as well, whom  they will also share with their friends. The great thing about social networking sites such as 'Facebook'is that its completely free to watch and upload movies.

Youtube is an international website that can be viewed from the whole world. This is a great opportunity for our group to distribute it onto Youtube because we can get a whole range of different peole across the world watching our opening film. Hurtwood House's movies such as Timepeice and Angeldust found its way onto Youtube with 1,086 views for Angeldust and 1,335 views for Timepeice.

As a result of Hurtwood Houses's success on Youtube, their films are being viewed more and more, which then becomes a popular site which search engines like 'Google' recognises ,
making their films be recognised at the first page. This allows their film to be popular, by prioritising them at the very first page

Group 13 have followed in Hurtwood House's footsteps in having our film be recognised by the pubic. We have done this by having our movie being released over the Internet on 'Vimeo', then it might get embedded on someones' blog which may find its way into Youtube.

Our film had a very little budget by our Production Company called 'FourAces'. We as a group decided not to have 'Candi Media Production' as our financier because we felt that 'FourAces' was a much more of a contributor then 'Candi Media Production' even though they supplied us with the filming equipment. They wanted their production company to be recognised in the film but we were very adamant about not having their name being introduced in our film opening just like when I remember Director Jean Jacques Beineix, from the documentary 'Watchdog', said that he wanted his film opening to begin off slowly, and not the archetype of something too strong like an explosion. We felt that our film company is worth mentioning and not 'Candi Media Production'.

By having it uploaded in the Internet on the website called 'Vimeo', it allows us as a group to distribute our Thriller movie over this site. It is a Private website that acquires a password to enter, this allows our film to be sucure and not copied and eidted. Vimeo is a website that contains other peoples work from other schools, so they can watch our movies as well as we can watch thiers. Unlike Youtube that allows you to comment on the film that you just watched, Vimeo is a website that just allows you to views peoples from other schools work, its a reliable website thats guranteed with only students work. Also, we are have placed our Thriller opening movie onto our blog, giving it a chance to allow people to watch it from our blog as well as hopefully,it may find its way through Youtube just like 'Angledust' and 'Timepiece'.

We also will be having a shared screening of our film amongst other films created by our peers. Our film will have a DVD release of 200 copies which we will be having. I think i can take this step further by uploading it on 'BBC Film Network'. Where Group 13's film can be watched through their website. BBC Film Network is a great website for our film because its another distributor that can make our film be noticed by other people.