Sunday, 6 February 2011


Transport is an action Thriller also based around crime and was released to the public in 2002; however it was only released on 17 January 2003 in the UK. This film is about a man, Jason Statham, whose job is to deliver packages without asking any questions. Complications arise when he breaks those rules, which was opening the package which contained a Chinese looking lady. 


After watching the film ‘Transporter’ I felt invincible, it was almost like I couldn’t be touched and nothing could hurt me, I felt powerful. The film made me feel invincible through the influence of Jason Statham, which was a powerful character and never showed any scenes of fear. His strength and power is shown through the fighting scene

Fight Scene

Through many aspects this scene builds suspense and is also very dramatic. The non-diegetic sound effects used as one person hit another contributes to making the scene very dramatic. Also the tracking shot when Statham jumps onto the gigantic lorry and slow motion mode is also used to build suspense on whether he will land on it or not. I also like the way they used 2 match cuts very effectively during his jump onto the lorry. Because the jump involves a great deal of risk this may give the audience the impression that he is fearless and perhaps making the audience feel invincible. 

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