Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Thriller Plannng

Openings that have Inspired You and Why -
  • The Thriller Opening that have inspired us are ' Law Abiding Citizen ' because of the Normality in the beginning of the scene, and how the audiences perception towards the movie is being misled (False Plateau) then the dramatic scene suddenly happens turning the audiences attitude towards the film by making them be aware of what is going to happen during the film, to expect suspenseful surprises. 
  • ' Kill Bill ' opening was very well executed because you immediately get straight into the movie through a powerful opening of a woman in a bride outfit covered in blood in the floor - which makes the audience ask questions that needs to be answered making them wanting to watch on and to see what happens next
  • The scene from the film ' Collateral ' starts later in the film but we as a group thought that the when the character ' Vincent ' enters the car, we liked the idea of the bad character being in the back seat of the car and the good character being in the front of he car. We also liked how the character ' Max ' looked through the mirror to see ' Vincent ' in the back, we wanted this to be in our Thriller opening
Opening STRUCTURE to be followed -
  • We are using the features from ' The Stepfather ' for the normality in the beginning of the scene building up the false plateau with the shower and the shaving then strikes in with the dramatic scene for example someone being in the back of he car
  • The same goes for the film ' Law Abiding Citizen ' which builds a false plateau then the dramatic scene happens
  • ' Lurpack ' because of the CAMERA ANGLES used like the EXTREME CLOSE UP SHOTS and POINT OF VIEW SHOT etc.
  • Maybe the use of the Black and White scene from ' Kill Bill '
Key Props -
  • Briefcase
  • Sunglasses
  • Coats
  • Wigs
  • Suits
  • Cutlery
  • Shaving Equipment
  • Car
Which Thriller SUB GENRE will you Produce? -
  • The Thriller Sub Genre that we will use which is apparent to other Thriller movies that we like for example ' Law Abiding Citizen ' is Crime Thriller. The reason why we wanted to choose Crime Thriller is because we have lots of ideas running through the Sub Genre and we feel very passionate about it
INTERTEXTUAL references -

We would like to use the ' Bathroom ' scene from 'Psycho' and from ' The Stepfather '. We thought these will make our Thriller Movie more of a familiar background for the setting to make it more sinister for the audiences as they have a bathroom as well for similar actions. We want water to be significant in the scene just like ' What Lies Beneath ' and again ' Psycho '.
We want a shaving equipment laid out in a very organised way like ' The Stepfather' because that alone shows what kind of person the character is like if he or she has an over compulsive disorder.

Fonts and Font Effects to be used -

We thought about it and we would like to go to the traditional route of most Crime Thriller and use SERIF FONTS because they have a sharp feel look to them and indicate what type of film it is how the you should be feeling.

Locations to be Used -
  • Hotel
  • City
  • Maybe Airport
  • House
  • Inside of a Car
  • Reception

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