Thursday, 17 February 2011

Lurpack sequence

Quite a while ago our class watched an advert for lurpak butter which was amazing and extremely creative. I wasn’t able to blog about it then, but recently I came across the advert again and decided to post about some of the things I like about it.
The advertisement shows a man making an omelet which doesn’t sound very interesting but the creativity that went into the camera angles and sound transformed a boring idea into a brilliant advert.
The sound is eerie and a little sinister and made the simple task of making an omelet sound like an epic adventure of some sort.  I like the sound of the finger tapping against the fridge door; the dull ‘thud’ sound can be heard and is enhanced so that it can be heard even over the voice and the background music.
The camera angles are also quite ingenious such as when the man is stirring the eggs and we see the camera is moving with the fork. They accomplished this shot by attaching a small camera to the handle of the fork so it moves the same way the fork does. Another shot I really liked was the Extreme close up of the eye and when the man blinks the camera moves in even closer.
The whole advert was really inspiring as they have made such a dull event seem like something significant and crucial, as if the process holds some importance in the world.

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