Thursday, 17 February 2011

Story Board (Dead Fall scenes)

The following below is an outline of what will occur in our thriller opening in the form of a story board.

This is the story board of the outline of our thriller opening that shows a quick summary of all the events in our sort film .

This story board shows the beginning of our story line in which the main character is showering in the bathroom with credits as the (title sequence) runs across the screen. This was inspired by the step farther when the credits show up whilst the film is beginning on the screen.
The main character is then being analysed by an unknown individual, who is searching up on the computer information of the character in the shower. He then finds what he needs and this section ends when the unknown character has accomplished his task and pointing at the screen.

The main character then leaves the shower half dressed and enters his bedroom and then puts on his clothing, then exits the bedroom with a briefcase  which he packed up with an unknown item and walks down the whole way to find the exit of the hotel.
He passes the information desk and there is an establishing shot of the residential/hotel building that his he was in, then him exiting the door of the building. The main character then makes his way to his car and there is a medium close up of the vehicle and a close up of him opening the car door. He then enters the car and gets ready to drive, fixes his seat belts, switches on the car engine and fixes his rear view mirror to see an individual at the back. This is how the thriller ends.

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