Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Preliminary on Shoot Photos

When Group 13 were recording the Preliminary, we took various still images of how we came about on recording the actual scenes. You can see that we spent our time perfecting each shots so we can get he right camera angle effect that we needed. We had to think inventive when we needed difficult shots like high angle shots. So when we needed shots like Birds Eye View shots and High Angle shots we thought by using the table as a helpful obstacle to get the right angle of the shot.

Here is a High Angle shot of Ahmed when he is washing his hands. We use this scene for a very good reason which is that the beginning of the scene, there is a sense of normailty which makes the audiecne deel that someething suspenseful is goin to happen. We would alter the angle of the camera so we can get an ver the shoulder shot of what he is doing so the audience is in the place of the character and also limiting what the auiedince can see or can't see.

Here we see Ayub the table as counter part towards the stediness of the camera. We used the camera as handheld to the scenes that needed lots of movement like for example if someone was running. It was also a good technique to use it handheld because you were able to control how close to a specfic object or being insted of just zoomng in.

Here is an example of what this angle shot was trying to prove. We see Ahmed here cleaning his hands under the tap, and the camera is closely positioned near to his hands.

To get te effect of a low angle shot to show something sinister is about to happen by the character played by Ahmed, we had to get the camera low enough to manipulate an angle that almost narrowed in on him. This gave a sharp angle shot towards him to show his about to so something.

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