Thursday, 3 February 2011

Livetype and sound

In lesson we learnt to use Livetype and sound. ‘Livetype’ is used to add titles to a film and is what we will be using to add titles to our opening sequence. We began by watching a basic introduction on how to use the program.
I typed in the words ‘A FourAces Production’ and began by playing around with the different fonts and colors, where I preferred a more plain approach with a basic font and black color as I thought it looked more professional. Then I began to play around with the animations available to use with the text, a lot of movies use a ‘Fade In’ and ‘Fade out’ effect on their titles so I decided to use the same and I thought it looked pretty good.

Then we proceeded onto the ‘Sound’ system. This is where we learnt how to create background music for our film. After another short introduction on how to use the program, I began to explore the numerous sounds on the program. Since this is for a thriller I thought it would be good to look at ‘organ’ and ‘violin’ like sounds as I thought it would more suitable for our film and be better at creating tension and suspense.

After our practice with using the programs, our group came together and we began the editing process for our ‘bag swap’ sequence. We added our film to the ‘sound’ system so that we could hear our sounds while the video plays in order to make it ‘flow’ better.

Here is the toolbar shows the various sounds available for us to integrate into our movie. We spent a good deal of time listening to the wide variety of sounds, eliminating sounds that might be inappropriate for our film such as ‘drum kit’ and ‘vocals’,  and decided to stick with ones like ‘violin’

Here the Green bars show the sound clips that we added to our film. Overall our background music was slow and eerie, to create tension and make our sequence suspenseful and tense.

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