Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Intertextual features in the Car Scene in ' Collateral '

What we hope to achieve in
our Thriller Movie is the concept of
someone being in the back seat of
the car and the driver see him
through the mirror unexpectedly
Here are the scenes from the film
' Collateral '. As a group, we thought that this scene when ' Vincent ' goes into the cab, the correspondence of them being the opposite as the cab driver ' Max ' is the good character and ' Vincent ' being the bad character will be a very good source in inspiring for our Thriller Movie. 
We want the thr driver to be looking
though the mirror to see the
uxepected person in the back of the
car to create suspense by the
fasle plateau we want before the driver
goes into the car

Also the reason why we like this scene is because of the interaction between them in the cab, as the bad character is in the back of the car and the unsuspected civilian is in the front, as a result we wanted from being inspired by this scene to have the driver entering in the car then looks through the mirror to see that someone else is in the back of the car.

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