Thursday, 17 February 2011

Images of Group 13 doing the Pitch

When Group 13 presented the pitch for the Opening of the Thriller Movie, we started off first by the slide called the 'Treatment'. This slide was based on what the Thriller Opening is all about, giving an idea of the story line and what we hope to achieve. 

Here is the slide containing 'Planned Locations and Location shots'. In this slide we wanted to show that each scene was inspired my scene from a thriller movie that we watched for example: The bathroom scene from 'What lies beneath' and 'The Stepfather'. We used these intertextuality features to show that we have been inspired by these movie scenes. 

Here is the slide 'Props, Costumes and Mise en Scene'. In this slide we have talked about what key objects are needed in the scene to convey the situation of the scene to the audience which is that the character played by Juilen is hiding something that Ayub wants desperately. 

Here is our Storyboard which we are about to talk about. 

Now Group 13 is talking about the Storyboard for our Thriller Opening. Here you can see the visualisation of how we plan our scene through these rough images which corresponds to our first scene

Here is the slide focusing on 'Institutional Detail'. We at first thought about having 20th Century Fox as our film studio that will help us with the finance, distribution, production and exchange. But then we thought about it again and realised that this company will be very doubtful in producing our movie because they focus on big budget movies which is not like our movie which is a small budget movie. 

Here is the slide 'Audience Detail'. Here we focused on the discussion of who our target audience is. We said that our audience will be towards 25-45 year old on the female side because from our research we have seen that more women watch thriller movies then men. 

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