Thursday, 3 February 2011


In lesson, we focused on fonts that we may use in our movie.

There are two types of font:
·        Serif fonts – these fonts are usually used for more formal occasions and are more traditional. Commonly used fonts such as Times and courier are serif fonts.

·        Sans serif fonts – These fonts are more informal and ‘friendly’, examples being Ariel and Comic sans.

Font Analysis

Pearl Harbor
What does the font Palatino suggest as used in the promotion of Pearl Harbor?

The title uses a Serif font which makes the title seem more formal and makes us associate with rank and importance and with the picture showing the military.
The capital letters stand out and shows of the importance of ‘pearl harbor’, it’s also an old fashioned font which complements the age of the film, as the film is set in the past.


The title of the movie ‘ROCKY’ uses the font Franklin Gothic Heavy which is a sans serif font, therefore less formal than the Pearl Harbor title.
The words are big, blocky and strong looking; this coincides with how the main character of the movie is. Even the fonts name makes us relate to strength with the ‘Heavy’ part. The title is made to catch people’s eye and is an accurate representation of what we can expect to be a major theme in the film.

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