Friday, 18 February 2011

Evaluation of Preliminary Movie

I will be evaluating Group 13's Preliminary Movie.

What I think went really well with our Preliminary Movie is that it has really great match cuts that flows smoothly in order. It makes it look professional and not amateurish. The part when Ayub is holding the handle of the door, then we get the camera inside the room where the match cut of him entering the room looks flawless like a real professional movie scene.

What I also like about our movie is the range of different camera shots that we used to convey a specific emotion to the audience. We have a low angle shot of Ahmed washing his hands to convey that he is a sinister character that has something to hide. The fact that the scene starts off with a normality of him washing his hands creates a false plateau building up suspense towards the audience by making them feel un-easy by the normality, and this is heightened by this low angle shot to extend this feeling of uneasiness. 

I also liked the extreme close up of Julien’s eyes because it feels up the whole screen and also he is feeling uncomfortable of the situation and having this being sown as an extreme close up will make the audience feel the same way of uncomfortableness. 

What I think we can improve on is the fact that when Ahmed finishes drying his hands off on the towel, we immediately get a really bad jump cut after. It looks really awkward because it doesn’t seem to fit in professionally and it looks out of place.

What we can also improve on is the lighting of the scenes because here is a failure in keeping the lighting the same with the scenes. When Ayub is ripping off the tape off of Julien’s mouth, he lighting changes from light to dark, making it look weird because our feelings of he scene changes by the switch of the lighting.

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