Thursday, 17 February 2011

Evaluation of Preliminary Film

I will now be evaluating on my prelim clip called Double Dealing, I will comment on the possible improvements and the any parts, which I particularly like.

I really like the part where Ahmed opens the cupboard and reaches for the handcuffs (0.29), I find this particular part interesting because it shows a close up of Ahmed hand, which diverts the audience’s attention at this particular location, the reason being that this cupboard is holding something significant. In addition the when he has the handcuffs in his hands it builds suspense on what Ahmed he is going to do with it and also what is yet to come. Therefore raising questions for the audience, as the suspense and tension continues to rise perhaps putting the audience at the edge of their seats.

Another part which I really like and believe is very effective in dramatising the scene is where I am punching Julian a match cut is used (1.20). The shots begins with an over shoulder shot of me looking at Julian and subsequently a close up of Julian’s face where I actually hit him. I find this match cut to be very dramatic because the close up of his face as I am about to hit him portrays to the audience the compact of the punch.

Lastly I really like the way me and my group used the close up shot of Julian at 1.12, after Julian says to Ayub “who are you, where am I”. The close up shot shows him blinking and moving his head around like he is in the middle of nowhere which portrays his confusion and ignorance to what is going on.

However despite all the really nice and fluent scenes, there were also some aspects which could have been improved.  One part in particular is when Ahmed removes the handcuffs from the cupboard the camera jumps straight to him heading to Julian to Handcuff him (0.32). This part could have been improved by using the dissolve transition, which shows that we have intended to precede with ‘manipulation of time’. One the other hand rather than using a transition, we could have also used another shot where Ahmed is closing the cupboard door and then proceeds with the handcuffing of Julian.

Another possible improvement lies at the heart of making mach cuts more continuous and fluent. The match cut occurs at 0.36 where Ahmed places the cuffs on Julian and then the subsequent shot is a when there is a close up of Ahmed cuffing Julian, however from the first shot to the second one is nort continuous as the first shot ends with both Ahmed’s hands placed on the handcuff and the second shot which is a match cut shows Ahmed’s hand proceeding to the cuffs when he hand should evidently already be there.

Lastly towards the end when Julian is by this point in pain and fright, a close up of his face by have fitted really well in this part, as the close up would show his face which gives the audience an idea about the pain and anxiety that he is going through.

Ultimately I can conclude that looking at the whole thriller the positives aspects certainly outweigh any improvements which need to be made. Also what is more important then the mistakes you make are the things one can learn from them. I have personally certainly through my mistakes in the ‘Double Dealing’ learnt a great deal about ways in which I could improve and have gained an insight on what really makes scenes more effective. Now I am really looking forward to using my transferable skills on my final recording of a thriller called ‘Dead fall’.

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