Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Title Sequences that Inspires Me

The Title sequence that appealed to me and that i found attractive was the 'Raging Bull' sequence. The reason why I love this Sequence is because we have the main character on the left hand side while the titles come into the right hand side. I like how the titles becomes part of the movie, it doesn't over power it but help it. I also like the beginning when the Directors names comes up into the black background. This sequence is a Narrative Opening with the Titles Running Throughout. The whole way through, the camera is at a wide shot encapsulating what the whole movie is all about. Its just one character practising his boxing skills.

Another Title Sequence that really appealed to me and fascinated me was the title sequence 'RESORVOIR DOGS'. I really like this tilte sequence becasue the camera angle which is the close up, it uses this close up on the whole main characters while there walking. I really like how simple this title sequence is becasue the itles appear at the bottom when the camera focuses on the character. I like how the music is being played as well in the background to kepp the auidence entertained while your reading the credits.

This Title seqence of the film 'UNTOUCHABLES' what i really like about this seqience is the music and the font. Its really classy. The fonts a Serif Font.

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