Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Lurpark Sequence

I watched The Lurpak sequence in lesson and i found the ideas which were used in the short scene were intelligant and imaginative in create a visual attraction for something as simple as preparing an omelete with Lurpak Butter. The sections of the scenes which i specifically found impressive was the introduction of the scene which used a soundtrack that was had an ochestra feel to it. The music was in contrast to the actual scene, i believe it was used to create a preparation of a climax in create an omelete with lurpack butter as if a holy process and in addition the music creates a suspenseful mood.The close ups and extreme close ups were very impressive in capturing the detail of particular objects.

Examples whould be:
  • when used on the eyes to show the reaction of the character when he shes the Lurpak and eggs
  • The Fingers tapping repeatedly producing a distintive sound
  • Egg being cracked in the pan and spreading over the screen
  • Egg being poured into the pan
  • The cheese gretter
  • Then the cheese being gretted
The slow motion actions of the finger tapping is very impressive and times the actions of the character to decide what his next moves are. The craking off the egg and pouring it on the pan where also done in slow motion and i believe this was eye catching in terms of turning a simple action into a visual stunner. This sequence has surely inspired me to add some aspects from it into my groups openning Thriller.

The Lurpak Odessey

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