Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Lurpak Sequence

On Tuesday 18th January 2011:
I watched the 'Lurpak' sequence in class and i really liked this sequence because it is such a dull idea of a man making an omelet but it was transformed into such a tense sequence through the music that was being played and the camera angles that was being used for example when in the beginning, we have the camera angle looking up at the glass and the bottles of milk to create a sense of over empowerment for the audience as we are looking up to wards these making us feel insecure from the large items. I also like the music in the beginning being played in the background of spiritual/holy music because I felt that it was a bit sinister and scary due to the disticntive sound and and how it was being streched in the beginning. What inspired me in this short sequence was the incredible extreme close-ups that was being used for example with the fingers, it just made it look more appealing as towards a Director or a Producer and it made feel tense cause we didn't know waht was going to happen next. I also liked the slow motion due to tthe fact it made it more dramatic.

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