Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Livetype and Sound: SKILLS

 On the 20th January, we learnt to use the 'Livetype' and 'Sound'. Firstly I started to practise using these systems to learn the main functions and purposes that will be essential in the making of our actual real thriller opening. First I used the 'Livetype' program to experiment with words and what you can do with them like in the real Hollywood films. I experimented with the sentence: A Four Aces/Ayub Mohammed Ali Productions. I began to experiment with the font type, after choosing my preferred font type. Subsequently I started to focus on the animation. I remember watching the film 'Untouchables' where their titles appeared as a fade in animation. So I used this of animation for my own title which came out particularly well.

Afterwards I was introduced to the 'Sound' system, here is where the creation of the background music for the movie is produced. I experimented with different types of sounds that I found that would be chilling and full of tension and also suspenseful. I used lots of Violins to add to the tense music. I found this process quite hard because It required me having listen to a many instruments before I found the right one which fitted nicely into the context of my other sounds.

After this, I joined in with my whole group to start editing the Bag Sequence Movie that we created. First we added the bag swap video to the 'Sound' system. Here is where you can see the movie in Blue colour bar. This allowed us to look at the movie while the music is being played. 

Here is where the toolbar to choose which type of sound we wanted in the opening. There are a variety of sounds such as Instruments, People and many more. As a group we decided to stick with the instruments. We picked the instrument Violin to add with tense music which we wanted. We also wanted to experiment with different types of music; we listened to see if it fit in with our movie. Some of the sounds worked nicely meanwhile others just didn’t fit in.

The green colour bar shows the music that we wanted to use in the sequence. We chose a slow high pitch sound of the violin. In addition the second piece of music is much more faster as well as full of tension to put the audience at the edge of their seats showing a significant interest.

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