Wednesday, 12 January 2011

List Of Thriller Sub-Genres and Which Inspires You At The Moment And Why?

There are various different types of ‘thriller movies’. Usually Thriller films interlink with other types of genres. The combination of two genres is known as a ‘hybrid’ genre.

List of films using the ‘hybrid’ genre:

  • Supernatural Thriller  e.g. Signs
  • Psychological Thriller  e.g. The Shinning
  • Action Thriller  e.g. Phone Booth
  • Innocent on the Run  e.g. Enemy at the State
  • Acquired Identity  e.g. Memento
  • Political Thriller  e.g. The Firm
  • Murderous Passion e.g. Fatal Attractions
The sub-genre which inspires me most from all others has to be without hesitation the psychological thrillers because unlike most other hybrid genres these psychological thrillers do not usually contain scenes of blood or explosives in order to attract the audience. I believe this can sometimes be so counterfeit that the audience may not gain satisfaction from scenes.

Whereas in comparison to the psychological thrillers which are more believable as we hear similar stories on everyday news, create the sense of realism which I personally find more attracting for many reasons. They are entertaining and mind blowing to watch as they create a reaction from the audience through; threat, fear, shock and it keeps us on the edge of our seats making it a brilliant way of creating suspense. This is usually done through unusual behaviour by actors and non-diegetic sinister sharp music in the background (the Shinning), playing with the minds of the audience. These differences show that psychological genre is very distinctive.

I will be looking at a film called ‘The Shining’; which I believe is a perfect example of Psychological Thriller.

(There is sharp sinister music being played), at 0.38 the boy stops his bike, subsequently at 0.41 we are shown an over shoulder shot of the door 237, emphasising its significance and at 0.46 we are shown a MCU of his face and by the look of it he seems afraid, at 0.57 he slowly walks towards the door, Thus we the audience are left wondering what will happen, which I believe is a very strong example of suspense being built. 

The fact that this psychological thriller can get the audience to the edge of their seats and mess with their mind is what I really find inspirational.Through my inspiration it has given me reason to consider a psychological thriller in my own thriller which I will be producing as part of my project. 

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